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Leachman 'livens' up 'Dancing with the Stars'?

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Seems La Leachman has fans....


All hail Cloris Leachman.
As the oldest contestant to compete on ABC's ''Dancing with the Stars,'' the 82-year-old actress is single-handedly bringing a spark to the mega-hit that it's never had.

Technically, she's one of the worst dancers in the show's history - if you believe the judges' scores. But despite that, the audiences have embraced her every week.
She's still in the competition because the at-home audience vote for her and loves to see what she'll do or say next. That's the beauty of live TV.


The dynamic Leachman will get another chance to perform (7 p.m. Monday, ABC) before the next cast-off vote (8 p.m. Tuesday, ABC). As a dancer, she isn't long for this competition, but let's enjoy her while she's around.

Leachman is whacky, totally inappropriate and occasionally crude. She's one of the few stars the show must bleep because of her colorful language. She has perched her leg high up on a table (while wearing a dress) to get the judges' attention. She's thrown her breasts in their faces and offered them monetary bribes to get better scores.

The audience loves her zany comedic ways in a contest that, sometimes, takes itself too seriously.

''Dancing'' is a live show that doesn't act like one. It could stand to loosen up. ''Dancing'' is too smoothly produced and executed for its own good sometimes. Leachman changes that. She is unpredictable and off the grid. I only hope the audience keeps her around.

''Dancing'' needs her in more ways than one.

She's a real spitfire. But, then, her antics are really not anything new to those who follow her career. Leachman was the pointy-breasted nurse of Mel Brooks' ''High Anxiety'' and the crone of the same producer's ''Young Frankenstein.'' On ''The Mary Tyler Moore Show'' and its spin-off ''Phyllis,'' Leachman was able to make the stuck-up Phyllis Lindstrom a woman to love and despise at the same time. Leachman is a showstopper, always has been and always will be. She hasn't mellowed with age.

As long as she keeps on ''Dancing,'' she gives audiences every reason to keep on jumping for joy. Scripps Howard News Service

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get rid of leachman. I will not be watching next season if you don't stop putting on the clowns.

Cloris Leachman is one of the greatest comedic and serious actresses to grace America's Stage. She won countless emmy's and an Oscar for Last Picture Show. Those who review her are too young to understand the depth of this very beautiful and talented woman. Ms. Leachman was Miss Indiana and won many beauty constestants before she brilliantly portrayed Phyllis Lindstrom It was not until I was much older, that I understood and met women like Phyllis Lindstrom, and, realized how special Cloris Leachman was; she gave the character humanity and engendered empathy for the true insecurities this woman enveloped. As Rhoda once said "that broad could give overbearing, obnoxious women a bad name!". There will never be another Cloris Leachman, and, no one could mimic her comedic timing, still in evidence today. I never watch "dancing with the stars", but, I will now. The above review is basic and appears to be written by someone no older than 30. You need to do your homework, kiddo. Dr. Mary

mrs Leachman looks like a puppet being pulled around on the dance floor! this is not entertainment to me! the programe is not a popularity contest or funniest entertainment contest, it is a dance off? i think the judges should do the judging not the public and people like Mrs Leachman need to stay home.I take a break when she comes on and can not believe she is not kicked off yet?

Every season of Dancing with the Stars gets more ridiculous. It used to be a true contest, now it has turned into a circus. You don't have to have any dancing ability, you only have to be able to bring in the votes. Enough of the clowns! This show is supposed to be about dancing, if you want a circus, go see one.

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