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Cloris outta control?

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Hey RichieB,
Was it just me or did Samantha Harris sound pissed last night when Cloris Leachman approached the kiddie dancers during their Q&A with the hostess? At one point, Harris looked angry as she shooed Leachman off, repeatedly telling the actress to leave the kids alone. Leachman, who seemed to be wandering about aimlessly, wasn't funny in the least, and the kids looked frightened.


Is there no end to Cloris Leachman's stint on "Dancing with the Stars"? AP PHOTO

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I think the reason she stays on week after weary week is because so many seniors are voting for her. They think she's funny and entertaining. I refuse to watch the show until she's voted off. I can understand why Susan Lucci would be upset...I think the next vote-off will be between her and Cloris. How sad!!

They need a Cloris-wrangler, not just poor Corky (who pretty much pushes, pulls, and moves her through the dances much like the guys on "Whose Line is it Anyway" used to do in one of their skits).

I think Samantha wasn't happy with Ms. Leachman's camera-hogging. She certainly wasn't being funny. Last week I watched with someone who kept asking "is she drunk" about her un-funny antics.

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