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Cheryl Burke fat? Absolutely not!

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Cheryl Burke has had to deal with a LOT of negative press lately, none of it for her dancing ability. Viewers (who are cruel) think the sensational dancer has put on a few too many pounds. Some of the criticism has been unbelievably harsh. (I guess being healthy and active and muscular is not a good thing?????) You can check out photos sand more on the cover of the latest People magazine. And for the record, she is a size 4!!!

If an extra five pounds looks this good on Cheryl Burke (dancing with partner Maurice Greene). . . . AP PHOTO

This morning on Good Morning America, Cheryl finally spoke up and set the record straight. All I can say is, "YOU GO GIRL"

Here's the item posted on the GMA Web site:

"Two-time "Dancing With the Stars" champion Cheryl Burke has found herself the subject of tabloids and bloggers -- not all for her ballroom prowess, though; some of the chatter concerns her weight.

"DWS" star Cheryl Burke has battled harsh criticism for the change in her weight and appearance.

The 24-year-old says she has endured often vicious comments about the few extra pounds she gained during the summer.

"It was a huge shock for me," Burke said on "Good Morning America" today. "The worst thing I'd have to say is that people thought I was a few months pregnant when I started the show."

Burke admitted she had gotten curvier, but added her weight only had increased by five pounds. The dancer said she still fits into her size 4 costumes and clothes, but the criticism has taken an emotional toll on her.

"I know I'm not fat, but when people keep telling you that you have to think about it," said Burke, who added she had cried at times over the harsh words. "It is hard. I've always had that naturally curvy body since I was 11 years old."

The San Francisco native attributed her additional pounds to having time off for the first time in years. Burke said she wasn't dancing for seven hours daily as she normally does and primarily was focused on opening her dance studio in her hometown. She also didn't travel with the "DWS" tour, as she has done in the past -- all of which she thinks probably contributed to her weight gain.

The initial fervor about Burke's weight began this summer when a picture of her in a bikini appeared in several magazines. Some posters said the ballroom beauty needed to join a weight loss program and one blogger wrote Burke was "approaching hogzilla proportions."

Though Burke said she tried to avoid the coverage of her body and weight, she said it was difficult.

"It's been in my face. It's kind of hard to avoid that," she said.

When she began her sixth season with "DWS," she was self-conscious about her body. She's already dropped some of the weight she picked up, Burke said.

"I'm naturally losing it because I'm dancing seven hours a day," said Burke who is paired with Olympic gold medalist Maurice Green on this season's "DWS."

You can also watch the video of her interview with Diane Sawyer at the above site link.

Cheryl admitted she gained about 5 pounds!!! Give me a break. Most of us gain that over Thanksgiving. She looks fantastic and I would bet a LOT LOT LOT of women out there would give anything to look like her. She also told Diane she felt very self-conscious the very first week of the new season when she stepped out on the dance floor, but that she got over it, adding that being called fat did hurt. 'I know I'm not fat," she told Diane. "I feel really comfortable in my own skin. Calling me fat is the wrong message to send out to women."

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First of all, let me address Bossy and the first entry on here, KEO: you guys are some kind of thiness-nazis. You are probably stick people yourselves.
I have always though Cheryl was by far the hottest dancer on the show, because that stick look just doesn't do it for me. Actually I find it repulsive. I actually think she looks better with a few extra pounds. Women are supposed to have curves. I like women who look like women,not little boys. I highly suspect all you ridiculous men who like stick women of harboring repressed desires for little boys.
And no, bossy, I am not fat. I routinely run the younger Marines I work with into the ground.

She IS fat. She's a time bomb that is waiting to explod. But not to worry. She'll get skinny again and everyone will say she is perfect then she will balloon up again and everybody will say she is perfect. So, it doesn't matter. She is so thick that plump that her top half doesn't even match her bottom half. Like its someone elses body on the bottom. I'm not a hater but I work my ass off and so does my wife and we eat everything and still maintain our health. And a lot of you people are giving her a free pass to be fat and praise her. Joke.

Give me a break! The question should be not whether Cheryl is 'fat' (and pardon me, a size 4 is nowhere near fat!), but does she do the job. Does she ever! She dances up a storm, and does a hell of a job. Why is is just the women that are picked apart? When is a size 4 fat??? I guess compared to the average size 0 actress, she seems bigger. But most women would give their left leg to be a size 4. Rachael Ray is a size 6 and has been hearing the same criticism for years. No wonder women in the US have a weight complex.....Lighten up, you idiots.

First of all, you may notice that the most hating comments are "written" by folks who can barely sketch by w/the English language. Sorry, but if you can't put a sentence together, do you have the right to viciously criticize anything? ESL class, please...

Our democratic nation, particularly media and advertising, prides itself on its hip quotient and imposing standards of how "hot" someone is, via his or (mostly) her body size. I'm guessing too most of the men who think Cheryl is fat, are uncomfortable with their own body and body parts, if you know what I mean :) Most women struggle with weight and body image, no matter how fit or cute they are.

I'm curious to know what would happen if we all took ALL the energy we spend on judging or energy we spend on worrying about if we're thin or beautiful enough, and used our thoughts for good, for ourselves or someone else? not to sound Pollyanna, but volunteer for the homeless or make yourself better in some way. Quit sitting around bashing and hating! you're worth more than that : )


I think that photo above is particularly harsh when judging Cheryl's weight gain. Her upper legs look "thighsmic" and almost as big as Maurice Greene's waist! She's a shorter gal and unfortunately tv really hurts her when she puts on the pounds, just as it does Lacey.

YOu ladies must be starving yourself to death...if you think that is fat.....i rather Cheryl than a skinny mummy looking girl any day.

Im a size 4 and weigh 7stone10pounds so their is no way that she wieghs that much shes at least 91/2 stone!...she looks good but lying about her size is just sad, if she was really happy with how she looks she wudnt have to lie

Size 4?????????????? I beg to differ. I have seen her in person and her hip is GIANT! So not typical for a Filipino. Maybe if you've given birth to 7 children. Maybe a Women's size 4 or plus size, whatever you people call your size categories, but not a petite size 4. Just because you still wear the same clothes doesn't mean you have not gotten fat. You just can't accept the truth and refuse to shop for new clothes -size 10 maybe. Maybe her blouses and top can be a size 4, but heck not her pants and fitted skirts. Ballroom costumes are elasticized by the way. They are forgiving for the extra baggage. She must have gained like 30 lbs. You cant develope love handles with just 5 lbs. I can gain 5 lbs just eating one burrito at Chipotle. You Cheryl should be true to your self and accept what you really gained. You can't fool us.

All of you posting negative comments are such haters. She probably looks better than all of you!

If she's fat, then I'm obese. Haha

Cheryl needs to look at herself in the mirror and pictures. Her butt and thighs are huge. She needs to compare with other coworkers or people who are the top of the game that not the right look for professional dancers. It does not matter how good she dances because your appearance does not appealing to watch it. People who turned to be huge and fat are all said that same things like she said. Honestly, she is fat with humounous butt and thighs. I like her but if she is keeping her fat weights right now or getting fatter, I probably my mind would gradually not going to be her fan anymore. She needs to be realistic that she is fat. Like one of the trainer, the blonde hair, not tall and chubby, she has exercised hard and makes a living out of it why she does not have nice body but because she keeps on exercising hard for her carrer that why she does not turn to be big butt and thigh like she was born to be which is the same like Cheryl. Cheryl is in public eyes. She needs to want to look good or the best herself, nobody could make her do it. She is fat if not like a pig but she would if she keeps on denial it and gets people to cheer her that it is okay and good to look like now. They do not tell the truth or in the eyes of the beholder. Well! be honest she is getting fat and fatter. If she or anyone who was born with big butt and thighs then they should live with it, right! WRONG!!! Look at the trainer who has the same generic problems like Cheryl but she beats it by working out A LOT and diet. No pain, no gain! It is her choice! It would be sad that she would choose to let go and be natural (FAT). Britney Spears at least she has 2 kids. Cheryl, if you let yourself go and keeps denying the truth and feel hurt and does not listen to any criticism then you have a chance to be like STAR JONES before her diet and plastic surgery with a lot of scars everywhere. People does not want you to be better than them.
Good Luck!

Cheryl Burke has been partying harder than anyone out there...check her out on TMZ, as she is caught coming out of SoCal clubs on a regular basis, trashed beyond belief. Alcohol contributes to significant weight gain.

And if your profession is SHOW BUSINESS, you willfully put yourself out in the public forum to be judged by your AUDIENCE, especially being a professional dancer. So her weight issues are absolutely relevant. Now if she was a teacher? Not so much.

I think your great Cheryl. Don't let anyone bother you on your
look's. You are in terrific shape and don't look fat. I wish I
could have looked that good when I was your age.

You people are unbelievable for even mentioning Cheryl Burke's body. She's obviously healthy since she dances everyday. Women are supposed to be curvy (not size 4). This is just the same bs that brainwashes women and young teens into anorexia. Let's all stand in the mirror naked and dance Yeah nobody is perfect and why should the stars be perfect either?

seen her A LOT on TMZ at the clubs -looks more like booze bloat than I haven't danced as much.

Only 5 pounds? uh-huh rrrright. I've never watched the show before and tuned in this season, had no bias/favorites/connections whatsoever nor did I know what the dancers looked like before. But when I saw her dance, especially with backless numbers, I kept thinking, "hmmm who's the fat chick with the back rolls and thunder thighs? Aren't the pros supposed to be in shape and the celebrities kind of out of it?" her partner looks much more in shape than her and she looks more than 5 pounds heavier than what "dancer fit" should be. She's a professional dancer, she shouldn't look like this and let summer mean that she doesn't have to take care of her instrument--her body. Is she too fat? Short answer: Yes. Long answer: Hell yes.

I really think most of the people who thinks it's okay for a PROFESSIONAL DANCER to look like this is overweight themselves and defending her so as not to look so bad themselves. She's not just a woman, she's not a mom who just recently had children, she's in a profession where her body is her one tool.

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