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Bye-bye Rocco, bye-bye

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The chef wonder is gone.Rocco DiSpirito got a one-week reprieve and then promptly exited the ballroom to no one's surprise.

The Junior Ballroom Competition returned with two adorable pairs of moppets dancing to everyone's delight. I'm still not convinced that it's cool to vote one of them off on national television.

And just WHAT was that flamenco troupe that appeared to be a cross between "Lord of the Dance" and "Thunder from Down Under." Oh puleeze. They had little coordination and very little flamenco flair. And could they have more blatantly mirror Michael Flatley? Right down to their "golden heeled" boots? (okay, Flatley's were silver, but you get my drift).

Ne-Yo delivered an exciting set, thank goodnes, infusing some much-needed sparkle into the evening's events.

Gotta admit, I loved the "political ads" created by the competitors, slamming one another with mock insults, then stating they "approved this message."

Next week.... four new dances.... get out your disco duds now!

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