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'Runway's' move to Lifetime blocked by judge

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"Project Runway" is -- was? -- in the middle of its last season on the NBC-owned Bravo cable network. Earlier this year, the show's producers announced they were moving the popular fashion-themed reality show to Lifetime for season 6. But in the U.S, court system, one day you're in and the next day you've got an injunction against you ...

A New York judge barred the show from switching networks, even though NBC was caught asleep at the sewing machine when this move was asked for and planned. There'll be an appeal, of course.

But it just makes us nervous about the show we love. Any time you have a fight and a shake-up like this, you get people injecting their opinions and control over the show -- things change, hosts change, the show withers. Crossing our fingers.

Now if we can just get an injunction this week against Kenley ...

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