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Lisa Kudrow tries to make it work in webisodes

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Episode 1 of Lisa Kudrow's new online series "Web Therapy."

Lisa Kudrow has been casting about for something to take root in her post-"Friends" career. Her latest time-filler, resume-padder? She's done an online-only series of awkward, occasionally amusing bits called "Web Therapy" -- a new "channel" on a Web site sponsored by Lexus cars.

From our Scurrilous column: "In 15 episodes, she fails to help five clients, played by Bob Balaban, Jane Lynch, Rashida Jones, Tim Bagley and Dan Bucatinsky. You know, wacky friends, zany adventures. ... 'This is the kind of idea that's just meant for the Web,' said Kudrow. Translation: It's not good enough for prime time."

Indeed, it's a bit of a smelly cat.

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