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Letterman rips McCain -- again

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It was round two for David Letterman on Thursday -- who again took aim at Republican presidential nominee John McCain, who canceled his appearance on the show just a day before.

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I haven't watched his show in years. He has become so irrevelant in my world it's not even funny. When his show first came on the air, people used to say " Hay did you catch Letterman?" I haven't heard this from any of my friends in years so I guess he too is irrevelant in their world as well.

Hey, David stop the political posturing and bring back Chris Elliot and the Stupid Dog Tricks. You are not funny anymore

Dave is awesome. McCain was pulling a desperate stunt and lied about suspending his campaign. About time people start calling Republicans on their hypocrisy. Bush got a pass for years (God knows why). McCain is not going to.

It's funny that you'd make a comment about Letterman in diapers when McCain must have at least 15 years on the guy. Why couldn't McCain have just been honest and said he didn't feel it was a good time to be on Letterman's show instead of making up a story about flying back to DC that night?

Letterman is just another snob, and has been kissing-up and endorsing another snob, Obama by ripping McCain.

Letterman's humor is as pathetic as Obama's experience, voting record and judgment!

Conservatives have held up fine despite Letterman and clueless Hollywood stars demonizing any conservative candidate. Their billions in donations and control of the media certainly did not help put Kerry and Gore in the White House.

Guess they'll keep trying to once again sleep in the Lincoln Bedtroom.

This was pretty funny.

Yeah, you guys keep on ripping on Letterman for showing McCain to be a liar. Your denial of the obvious is endemic to those who support the GOP regardless of the candidate.

Hey Anonymous....Didn't McCain announce he was running for president on Dave's show? Bottom line, McCain LIED! Spin it any way you want. He lied to Dave and McCain deserves everything Dave is throwing at him now. And Bob....with regards to Dave not being funny....I wouldn't quit your day job just yet! Diaper jokes? How very Leno of you!

Letterman is on point!!! Mccain and the gop is weak and are blantant liars!!! AND ANYONE WHO VOTES FOR MccAIN ARE WEAK AND LIKE TO BE LIED TOO! Neither one of these guys are gonna really change anything, but dont jus lie to me!!!!

I think the point was to illustrate that McCain lacks integrity. If he was leaving to rush back to Washington (which was a publicity stunt) just by the way. Then that's what he should have done. Like Letterman said, someone in his camp told him to blow the show off because it's not that important. Will he do that with domestic issues as well? "Oh hey john screw education and the poor, they're not that important!" I'm glad letterman got on there and ripped him apart for that because McCain tried to make it seem like he was superman and was goin back to Washington to "save the economy" He knows the McCain / Palin ticket is really looking like a bad joke. Oh well can't wait to go to Obama's Inauguration in January!!!

McCain is a idiot just like both of you.

Letterman ceased being funny about ten years ago. Lame is a word that best describes Letterman. His bits are tired, using his backstage crew as foils remains boring and the top 10 list wore out it's welcome when old Dave was still at NBC. Less we not forget McCain announced his intention to run for President on Letterman, so Dave might want to unsnarl his panties and take a deep breath. Maybe try a little yoga or better yet, retirement. Meanwhile, these late night court jesters are more than a little full of themselves. On the plus side there are still have channel changers on the TV remotes...and a real plus, Jimmy Kimmel, seems fresh, funny, and unpredictable.

The Senator blew off his show, to "save the country" then did another show. Went to dinner, spent the night in his fancy New York Hotel, Went to another hotel in the morning to speak for President Clinton. Then headed over to washington and arrived after a plan had been reached. Seeing as how this was a problem for his campaign and the "urgent" message he was trying send. Arriving after the agreement had been reached by republicans, democrats, and the president didn't look good for his campaign. Letterman had every right to rip on him. He didnt show up to a commitment... then did a bunch of others instead. Letterman was lied too.

Come on. Get a clue. He lied to Dave and admitted it the next day. Can't wait for 4 years of McSame. He had to go to the airport, but then they show him getting his scar covered up next door. LIAR!

Letterman's not the pathetic one here. Couldn't McCain given him the respect that any person deserves and told him the truth? Sure he's not a head of state, but he is a voting citizen and one who is more in the public eye than most. A lie is a lie. I think we've become to lenient with our political officials telling "little white lies" and letting it slide. I don't want someone like that running my country.

Dave is just pointing out the fact that McCain cant handle the.
Nor can his running mate.

Boo,Hoo. Typical Repugs - can dish it but not take it. Great to see someone in the mainstream media call Mc Cain for what he is.

I will never watch the Letterman Show again. I know many of my freinds have said the same thing. It will be interesting to see his ratings go down in the next few months. By the way, when does Letterman start doing Obama jokes on his show? I haven't seen any yet.

Is Letterman pathetic or what? It is obvious that he is not funny! I wonder if his wife has to change his diapers in addition to their baby?

McCain's camp should not sweat it. Letterman is an Obama man from day one.Only wants him on to insult him and his VP pick which he does every night.Yes Leno is a liberal too but his jokes are even handed.He(Letterman) thinks he is more important than the county's financial crisis!

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