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'Heroes' part 3 -- genius reboot or ham-fisted clusterfrak?

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Guess Zachary Quinto won't be doing any Taco Bell ads anytime soon.

Help me out, here, readers. Was that a genius shoving forward of a stalled TV show last night -- the reboot third-season premiere of "Heroes" on NBC -- or the most ham-fisted, absurdly written debacle you've seen in a long time? (Spoilers after the jump...)

Mohinder Suresh started this series as its moral hub, the one sane, objective voice we figured we could count on throughout the experience. And now he's an arrogant, lusty gasbag who's, what, The Fly?

I already have trouble telling which Peter is which, and which is good and which is bad, and by the time he stood idly by while bystanders were roasted alive, I was beyond caring. (And watching the gang of villains roam and pillage, I couldn't help waiting to hear the old woman from "Blazing Saddles" ask, "Have you ever seen such cruelty?!")

The moment between Sylar and Claire was exciting and then ... anticlimactic. Great line: "Eat your brain? Claire that's disgusting." Horrible line that should get a writer booted out of the guild: "It's all behind me now," Sylar said of his pointless escapades in Mexico, "like a long night after a bad taco." Brother! And then, after all that build-up, both walk away and life goes on. O-K ...

And Sylar is a Petrelli? In the post-"Star Wars" world of sci-fi, must every villain be related to every hero?

Clearly, it made me cranky. Agreement? Defense? Have at it ...

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