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'Dancing' gets back on track

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Veteran TV actress Cloris Leachman struts on the new "Dancing With the Stars." (ABC)

All hail season seven of "Dancing With the Stars." It's about time the show got back to what made it so much fun in the first place.

Gotta say though, the three-night premiere extravaganza is just a bit too much to take. Come on, that's three nights' devotion..... No matter. Guilty pleasures are what they are.

First up... Cloris Leachman.

Yes, I'm fully aware that she is 82, and isn't it marvelous that she can look so glamorous in her blue ball gown, and gosh don't we all wish we could move like that when we're 82. Of course. But even the judges couldn't contain their "glad you got the chance to dance, but see ya later" looks. She did manage an elegant fox trot with Corky Ballas (Mark's dancing champion papa), but do you honestly think she can manage the samba? the mambo? the cha-cha? THE JIVE??? The whole thing wreaked of gimmick and that's unfortunate. She was great during her very funny comedic turns with the judges and with host Tom Bergeron (who positively couldn't contain his laughter) but Corky deserved better for a partner (it would have been way cool to see him compete seriously against his "Dancing" champion son this season).

On to another "mature" competitor.... Susan Lucci. She looked positively emaciated. The TINY actress was told to put on weight by judge Carrie Ann Inaba, and with good reason. Lucci looked like she was about to break into a million pieces if a stiff wind came along. It was a very scary site indeed.

And why is Jeffrey Ross dancing? Sympathy for his eye injury (thanks to the clawlike nails of the sultry Edyta Sliwinska), of course. But his dancing abilities could give Penn Jillette a run for the money. Still, he does infuse the show with that touch of Adam Carolla that we just can't live without.

Biggest surprises? Olympian Misty Mae-Traenor whose muscular frame wowed everyone, and former NFL star Warren Sapp, who proved that "Big Guys" can dance! He and partner Kym Johnson delivered one of the evening's best dances.

Separated at birth? Lacey Schwimmer and Lisa Marie Presley. Schwimmer could be the little sister Presley never knew she had.


Best in show? Lance Bass. No surprise there. He nailed the cha-cha with Schwimmer, proving that his boy band dancing moves sure did come in handy afterall. Let's just see how he does in the waltz.

And just because... I'd hear about it if I didn't mention Kim Kardashian. There. I just did.

Prediction? One couple goes home tonight. Gotta be Leachman.

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