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Cloris Leachman survives to dance again

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Corky Ballas and his partner Cloris Leachman perform Monday on "Dancing With the Stars." (AP/ABC)

Call it a case of age before beauty, but this is getting POSITIVELY NUTS!

Cloris Leachman survived another elimination round tonight on "Dancing with the Stars," sending the buxom Kim Kardashian packing.

It's beginning to look like the senior gimmick is paying off big time in the ratings; people are tuning in just to get p-o'd about the voting system utilized by the hit show. Not that Kardashian was much better than Leachman. In fact, they should both be gone by now.

The coolest part about the elimination round is that it came down to Corky Ballas and his son Mark on the pro side of things. Naturally the show "planned it" that way for high drama. That's the rub with the voting on the show. Way back in season one, we were told where everyone stood as they were eliminated, until it came down to the "bottom two." Now the caveat, "Not necessarily in the bottom two" always precedes the elimination. (Of course, tonight, it obviously was the worst two dancers who were left standing).

On much higher notes, it was cool to see Warren Sapp's encore of the paso doble from Monday night. It was a blast. And who knew that judges Bruno Tonioli and Len Goodman traversed the continents every week as they are pulling double duty --- judging both the U.S. show and the original in London. I'd love to snag their frequent flyer miles.

Guest artist Jessica Simpson looked stiff as a board as she warbled her latest hits. And if she hugged the mic any closer to her pouty lips you'd swear she was trying to cover up lip synching. Hmmm. Not that she was.....?

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Leachman is on of our greatest actresses, a genius actually, and still a fascinating with a wonderful sense of humor. These dancers are not running for office, it's all show biz so lighten up!

I don't find Cloris the least bit funny or fun to watch, and I happen to love seniors. I think it's insane that she is even on this show. I couldn't believe she did not leave this week, and I refuse to watch this nonsense anymore. I believe the way the voting works is that all these people take the time to vote and then the votes are all thrown out and the network gives us the outcome that they want.

To answer the first question Cloris and Corky danced to Bolero

The correct person definitely went home last night. Though I have nothing against Kim K, she was boring, dull and not fun to watch. At least Cloris L. is fun to watch. I definitely think Rocco D. should go home next.

I am rooting for Warren Sapp he is exciting and fun to watch.

Cloris is annoying at times, and she certainly is one of the worst dancers, but at least she seems awake and aware of her surroundings. Whenever the camera passed over Kim and her partner, she was staring vacantly into space, looking bored. I haven't been voting this season, but I can see why no one cared enough to rally around her.

Nothing is nuts about Cloris Leachman's DWTS survival. Both Kim K. and Cloris L. are boring dancers, but Cloris is much more fun to watch with all her antics. Viewers vote for talent first, and if there's no talent, they go for personality. Cloris is the highlight of the show. She is simultaneously outrageous and endearing. I could not stop laughing seeing her pretending a prayer, an imminent heart attack, and weak knees, when she was standing there waiting for the "elimination call". Without her, this season would be very boring because most "stars" are not at the same talent-caliber as the 'stars' last season. The top half of this group is not as good as the bottom half of the last-season group.

My wife and I first heard the music that Cloris Leachman danced to some 45 years ago when we were just married. It (and Cloris Leachman, brought back many memories, except one! Can you identify the music that Cloris danced to in the Paso Doble dance?

Thank you,


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