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Brooke Burke dazzles on the dance floor

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Jeffrey Ross (right) and Edyta Sliwinska became the first casualties on this season of "Dancing With the Stars." (ABC/AP)

Night two of the competition and let's hear it for the proud mamma of four (one just a wee infant!), Brooke Burke, who positively dazzled on the ballroom floor. She and partner Derek Hough danced one of the most impressive quicksteps ever, and it's only week one of the competition! Chalk it up to their very unique use of Burke's newest baby as a "boob buffer" (the infant kept Brooke's chest from touching Hough (a big no-no in quickstep).

Again, Cloris Leachman proved she's still got it when it comes to comedy, but her dancing--- no matter how you look at it --- is just awful. At one point, the audience was just laughing at her, not with her. Leachman's mambo style, a dance that's been around only half as long as she has, conjured up visions of someone's drunken aunt meandering about the dance floor at a wedding reception.... not quite in step with the music, if you know what I mean. At the end of the night, though, Leachman moved onto the next elimination round, while comedian Jeffery Ross (with partner Edyta Sliwinksa) was shown the door. What will this season be like without Sliwinksa's ever-darkening tan and increasingly disappearing clothing?

Susan Lucci didn't look quite so frail tonight during her quick step. Must have been the whole crouton she ate for lunch. Way to go Susan!

Warren Sapp and Kym Johnson were a sparkling duo, lighting up the dance floor with one hefty and very fast quick step. "Fat boy won't go home" Sapp proclaimed during a video of his rehearsal time earlier in the day. And he was a man of his word. Lightning quick is not necessarily what one would use to describe a 300-pound NFL defensive tackle, and yet it was the only way to describe Sapp's star turn on the dance floor.

Best comment of the night: That goes to the demure (?) Kim Kardashian, who, during her training for the mambo with Mark Ballas realized she couldn't shake her booty or move her hips fast enough for the fiery Latin dance. Which led to the following proclamation: "Everyone thinks I know how [to shake my butt], but I don't." Followed shortly thereafter by: "I'm really a shy person... I'm really reserved." And she said it all with a straight face, too. Proud step-papa Bruce Jenner cheered wildly from his ringside seat.

The rest of the pack performed admirably (Cody Linley became a man FIGURATIVELY during his mambo; Toni Braxton kept breathing during her quick step; Ted McGinley christened himself the "mambo king,"; Rocco Di Spirito proved he can cook on the dance floor,too; Lance Bass, Misty May-Treanor, Maurice Greene showed a lot of promise).

So Wednesday's elimination (Leachman) will be tricky (Leachman) unless voters decide to keep Leachman around for laughs now that Ross is history.

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I didnt think Misty-May was good! I dont get it. I though she looked awkward. I am Susan or Cloris go home tonight. As long as Karina will be safe (thanks to Rocoo stepping it up) I am happy. Love her! Did you see the funny video she and Derek did?

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