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New Common video makes an 'Announcement'

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We've been posting several Kanye West videos lately, it's about time we move on to the other famous Chicago rapper. Lupe? Nope. Yung Ber. Not yet. Nah, it's Common's new single, "Announcement."

And the new video -- coming to a music channel near you -- is utterly stylish, featuring Common strolling through a 2-D universe drawn by a big hand (very "Duck Amuck," only without the sadism). Right out of the gate, he's announcing the song is "live from the South Side" and he's "representin' Chi town to the fullest," all that before repeating the redundant chorus, "This is hip-hop, baby!" Indeed, the once forthright, socially conscious, occasionally message rapper seems to be leaning back and kicking up a party vibe for a change. Can't blame him, and judging by this groove -- can't complain.

Watch for a cameo from Pharrell, a producer on the new album, "Invincible Summer," due next month. Pharrell recently said, "Man his album is dumb. I did a bunch of records for it, I did like nine records." Relax: "dumb" means "cool."

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