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Holy frak! Another 'Battlestar' movie announced

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A new "Battlestar Galactica" TV movie will explore Cylon No. 1's (Dean Stockwell) backstory.

"Battlestar Galactica" fans certainly have a lot on the horizon. There's the final half of the final season -- which now, as expected, aren't scheduled to begin airing until January. There's the prequel TV movie that hopes to become a series, "Caprica," starring Esai Morales and Eric Stoltz, also coming next year (watch the enticing trailer here). And now ... another prequel has been announced ...

This time, the Cylons get their own story, set on the timeline between the "Caprica" prequel and the 2003 miniseries that launched the reimagined Sci Fi channel series. Planned to air after the current series wraps up in the spring, this new two-hour movie -- like last fall's time-buying "Razor" -- will be directed by series star Edward James Olmos, who also plans to appear in the movie.

Today's announcement sets up the storyline: "Starting before the events of the miniseries, our story focuses on familiar characters including Cylon No. 1, known as Cavil (Dean Stockwell), resistance leader Sam T. Anders (Michael Trucco) and Chief Galen Tyrol (Aaron Douglas). In the beginning, the Cylons had a plan, but it didn't account for one thing: survivors. During the chaotic aftermath of the destruction, two powerful Cylon agents struggle with plots and priorities on the human ships that got away, and among the resistance fighters who were left behind."

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