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Handicapping the field of 'Dancing With the Stars' contenders

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Two of the contestants we'd like to see on the next "Dancing With the Stars" -- former Bradys, Florence Henderson and Barry Williams. (AP file/Photo illustration by Thomas Conner)

By Miriam Di Nunzio

The Internet is abuzz with rumors of the next cast for "Dancing With the Stars." The uber-hit for ABC returns Sept. 22 for a three-night live premiere with the regular cast of judges and hosts. But what of the celebrity lineup? The cast won't be revealed later this month, but seeing as it's still one of my fave shows (even after the debacle that was last season's troupe), here's my wish list for the new lineup:

Florence Henderson
Category: Grand Dame
Why: Ma Brady was frequently spotted in the ballroom audience over the past two seasons. Maybe she was sizing up the competition, or perhaps getting face time with the producers of the show. She would elegantly segue into spots previously filled by Jane Seymour and Priscilla Presley.

Barry Williams
Category: Former child star
Why: Because Greg Brady proved he could sing and dance with the best of them. Helloooo Brady Kids!

Jenny McCarthy
Category: Star power
Why: Seems like she'd be game for a spin on the dance floor. Her career could use a boost, and this show's been known to resurrect one or two.

Donny Osmond
Category: Marie's brother
Why: Donny was ringside pretty much throughout his sister's competitive run, and frankly he looked like he was chomping at the bit. He's a proven hoofer, with musical theater credits to his name. Would be a crowd/ratings grabber. And frankly, what else does he have going these days?

Raven Symone
Category: ABC Disney star
Why: Ma Disney must feature one of its tween stars every season. Raven has a huge following with her hit show, and would be a great role model for wooing youngsters to the ballroom.

Danny Bonaduce
Category: Former child star
Why: Because Bonaduce will do anything or a paycheck. Remember the famous boxing match with Donny Osmond? Would love to see these two guys duke it out on the dance floor.

Kellie Pickler
Category: Bubbly Country Music Cutie
Why: Season 5 "American Idol" sweetheart would positively light up the dance floor (a la Julianne Hough), and with her legions of fans she could give the show one of its biggest viewing audiences ever.

Warren Sapp
Category: Former NFL player
Why: Internet reports are swirling with rumors that the former defensive tackle for Tampa bay and Oakland wants to be on the show. That's why.

Nicole Richie
Category: Reality TV star
Why: Why not? Could happen. Sure, she's a new mom, but she's never been one to shy away from the spotlight or skimpy fashions. Could give pro Edyta Sliwinska a run for her tan.

Cybill Shepherd
Category: Former supermodel
Why: The model-turned-actress-turned cabaret singer has reportedly made it known that she'd LOVE LOVE LOVE a spot on the show. After all, visions of resurrected career are surely dancing in her head

Anthony Geary
Category: ABC Soap Star
Why: Otherwise known as Luke Spencer, the veteran star of "General Hospital," would be a natural for the dance floor. Remember his many "GH" dance sequences (from elegant ballroom to disco) with co-star and eternal love interest Laura (Genie Francis)?

Toni Braxton
Category: R&B Singer
Why: The gorgeous Grammy-winning chanteuse and Broadway star has gone through some very tough times in her personal life, including a publicized bankruptcy, and health problems that forced the cancellation of her Las Vegas show in 2007. Nothing but good things could come of the visibility this show offers.

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