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Gold medals for ghastly getups on 'Project Runway'

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It says something about the dreadful results of tonight's "Project Runway" challenge when you can survive after having given the U.S. Olympic team an enormous floppy hat.

The challenge was to design an outfit for the opening ceremonies at the summer games. NBC, owner of Bravo, has a huge stake in the coverage of this year's Olympics, so we kept waiting for that extra allure: "And the winning designer's outfit will be worn by the American athletes in Beijing!" But that never came. NBC's not stupid. Plus, Ralph Lauren's already got the team covered.

And thank holy heavens, because the majority of this season's designers clearly did not get the sporty part of "sportswear." A few cute outfits, sure -- for a patio party. Jerell's nightmare of fabrics bundled and trussed and billowed, all underneath an enormous floppy, polka-dot hat ... well, our house was filled with peals of laughter this fine evening. Michael Kors couldn't stop laughing, either.

And he was only third from the bottom. Daniel's purple and vermillion cocktail dress looked fine on his Betty Boop model (she's the most striking of the lot), but the thought of a stadium full of athletes in these things was unnerving, and unattractive. Jennifer's mousy librarian ensemble had neither red, white, nor blue, and she was justly sent packing.

The winner: Korto, though our Terri was in the top three with a smart ensemble.

Rate the results yourself here.

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