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Checking in with Terri on 'Runway': Where's the love?

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Chicago's Terri Stevens designed this samurai spectacular for her drag queen.

Why can't our Terri get some love on "Project Runway"? Thus far on the season, Terri Stevens from Chicago is always the bridesmaid, never immune. And while last night's winner was deserving -- Joe, the straight guy, made a drag queen deliriously happy! -- we can't believe Terri's jaw-dropping "Blade Runner" geisha get-up didn't take the top slot.

And by the stone-faced shots in the green room after the runway, hoo boy, looks like she can't believe it, either.

If her eyes had shot anymore daggers, Joe wouldn't need pins for the rest of the season.

Wish we'd seen more of Chris March, the last-season guest who guided last night's designers through the drag queen challenge. He appeared first in full Wagnerian splendor -- an enormous horned cap over a blonde Heidi wig, plus disco balls for a bra -- and then helped Tim critique the work. And that was it. (At least he's blogging.) The guest judge, more (as Blayne would say) dragaliciousness: RuPaul, self-proclaimed supermodel of the world. Whatever happened to...?

Here's to mopey Daniel's long-overdue departure. As judge Michael Kors wrote on his blog, "Daniel's look ... had no sense of anything that was special. It literally just looked like you went to a really cheesy wedding. And you saw the tackiest girl at the wedding and she was in this dress."

But don't cry for him, Anita Greencard, because Daniel Feld is happy in love -- with another season-five "Runway" contestant who was already booted: Wesley Nault. The two show off their commitment rings in this new video ...

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