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Any Sooners/Cowboys fans this far north?

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Barry Switzer, legendary coach for the Oklahoma Sooners and Dallas Cowboys football teams, will guest star in Monday's episode of TNT's acclaimed "Saving Grace," starring Holly Hunter. Here's a sneak peek:

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Great to see a legendary ball coach on the show!

Thanks to the Chicago Sun Times for showing this clip. As an OU Alum it was great to see Barry in the program. I hope that my Sooners will handle the Cowboys Saturday Night in Stillwater and win the Big 12 South. Remember voters....if you put Texas above OU for their October 11th victory, then you MUST keep Texas Tech above Texas as they defeated the Horns in Lubbock.

Boomer Sooner!

Raised in OKC and an alumnus of the University of Oklahoma. I love watching this show, as it reminds me of home, and really thought it was great to have The Coach in an episode!

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