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'Prison Break' spin-off in work at women's prison

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Fox’s long-rumored ‘‘Prison Break’’ spinoff might be less like ‘‘Private Practice’’ and more like ‘‘CSI: Miami.’’

Executive producer Matt Olmstead and co-executive producer Zack Estrin said Monday that they’ve ditched their previous plan to introduce a female character in the regular series and then spin her off into a separate show set in a women’s prison. Instead, they’re planning an entirely new series under the ‘‘Prison Break’’ brand.

‘‘We had trouble casting for it ... then the strike happened,’’ Olmstead said. ‘‘By the time we resumed the season, we decided to scrap that idea of doing it that way. We’re in the homestretch of writing it.’’

Estrin added, ‘‘This is more like a 'CSI: NY' — more of a brand spinoff than a character spinoff.’’

The working title remains ‘‘Cherry Hill’’ (possibly ‘‘Prison Break: Cherry Hill’’), and it’s still set in a women’s prison.

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Even though I often grumble while watching Fox's "Prison Break" because of the amount of suspension of disbelief that must take place, I'm intrigued by the possibility of a spinoff. But I'd rather see the spinoff after the main show has run its course.

Granted, some may think that already has happened. In any case, the previews of the next season have me hyped and wondering why Michael Scofield seems to be whispering, "Sara." Yes, I will tune in, and I'm hoping that TPTB will flip the script and really rock out with the fourth season of this show.

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