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Sneak peek at J.J. Abrams' new sci-fi series

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Does every J.J. Abrams TV series about scary science have to begin with a plane crash?

In this new trailer for "Fringe," Abrams' new series scheduled this fall on Fox, the action begins when — as a plane is careening out of the sky — one of the passengers injects himself with something that ... well, let's say death by the actual crash probably would have been preferred by most passengers. And if you like that syringe scene, you're in luck because the trailer contains about a dozen more needle pricks. Eeuuuw!

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I'm not a big JJ Abrams fan, at all.
What is up with all the lens flares and metallic pings?
He's like Michael Bay's younger brother, except that Michael Bay actual KNOWS that his movies are special effects shows.
JJ Abrams seems to think that he's being witty or clever.
And his hair is ignorant.
Just look at it!

No plane crash in this one.

All I can say is wow! The trailer looks great. The plot is typical sci-fi with an element of 'Lost'. I have seen some of the cast before, especially Lance Reddick from "The Wire". I will be watching. I hope FOX allows this show to find its' audience and doesn't blunder like it has on several other shows in the past.

Dennis R.

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