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More from Top Chef: Chicago

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Surprise! No sous chefs for the final day.

"This happens every day at a restaurant," Richard says. "People don't show up. I mean, it sucks."

Stephanie's menus consists of a seared red snapper, seared quail with lobster ravioli and quail egg, lamb medallions and ricotta poundcake.

"The best poundcake I've ever had," Stephanie says.

"It could really come down to that dish for her," Tom Colicchio says.

Stephanie things the cake sucks. Lisa tries to console her in her usual abrasive manner.

The first course: Best goes to Stephanie. She earns praise for the truffle oil infused with the flavor of stock. "It was good. Almost really good," Colicchio says.

Second course: Stephanie under-cooked her leeks. Not a good sign. Antonio was sent home last week for under-cooked beans. Lisa's soup takes the prize.

Third course: They hate both Richard and Lisa's dishes. They love Stephanie's. "It's full of surprises and it works," Colicchio says.

Looks like it could all come down to the dessert for Stephanie.

Dessert: Stephanie's dessert was unrefined. Yikes. She seemed to take two of the courses, but is it enough?

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I've watched all the seasons of top chef and was disappointed in this one although I was glad someone from Chicago won.Lisa being in the finals was ridiculous I actually think its for ratings not how good a cook she was, she was disliked by all.But I'm glad I'm not at the Judges Table the food they come up with to cook I wouldn't even want to taste.And I eat at fine dining restaurants all the time and never see this food on a menu....Congrats Stephanie

I think it's time for Top Chef to move towards some type of point system which reflects the body of work over the season. That being said, there is no way that a hack like Lisa would have ever deserved a place in the finals.

I have a question for the whole cast. Put the competition aside. What did you really think of the city and the availability of fresh food? I have lived in Chicago for several years and an wondering if we have it as good as the rest of the country, or if it because we are in the midwest that maybe we are lacking in quality. Please know I am not making a judgement call, but would really like to know what the rest of the country thinks. Thanks in advance for your honesty.

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