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'Hell's Kitchen' chef opens hotspot on the ... West Coast?

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Gordon Ramsay is in a California state of mind.

The fiery Scottish chef and star of Fox’s ‘‘Hell’s Kitchen’’ and ‘‘Kitchen Nightmares’’ was all smiles at the opening of his latest restaurant, Gordon Ramsay at The London West Hollywood, on Wednesday evening. The event was attended by celebrity guests such as ‘‘Will and & Grace’’ co-star Eric McCormack, ‘‘Survivor’’ host Jeff Probst, Khloe Kardashian and David Beckham.

So why did Ramsay decide to set up shop on the West Coast?

‘‘It’s less aggressive than New York,’’ he said in the kitchen during the opening celebration. ‘‘Vegas? I don’t want to play my card in Las Vegas. It’s materialistic. Here, it’s proper. I’m very happy to be here. Everything is in abundance in California.’’

Ramsay said the restaurant, located at The London West Hollywood hotel just off the Sunset Strip, took two years to open. Designed by David Collins, the space features several private dining rooms, wood floors and gold- and pastel-accented furniture. The menu will draw from seasonal ingredients.

During the soiree, Beckham mingled with Ramsay, his wife and the kitchen staff behind the scenes while sipping a pint of beer. Ramsay, a former professional soccer player himself, said he and the Los Angeles Galaxy player ‘‘go back a long way.’’

‘‘It’s nice having him here,’’ said Ramsay. ‘‘He’s going to be cooking in (the) kitchen tomorrow night.’’

Ramsay will soon welcome another person in the kitchen of the new restaurant: the winner of the fourth season of ‘‘Hell’s Kitchen.’’ The champion will be offered a job as senior sous-chef at Gordon Ramsay at The London West Hollywood with a $250,000 salary. The season finale is scheduled to air July 8.

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This is the first season that I've checked out "Hell's Kitchen," but I've enjoyed every episode I've seen. And I was particularly happy to see crazy Matt tossed on Tuesday.

Since I came into Season 4 late, I'm not sure who will win out of the final five -- Christina, Corey, Chicago's Jen, Bobby or Petrozza. Even though she was on the potential chopping block in the most recent episode, I'm rooting for Christina since she seems like the underdog. Who do you think will win the top prize?

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