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'Battlestar' mid-season finale delivers nuclear 'Revelations'

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A promo for the half-season finale "Revelations."

So Sci Fi's "Battlestar Galactica" concluded the first half of its final season with a bit of a shocker. Was it worth it? What will happen in the final episodes?

Spoilers after the jump...

"Planet o' the Apes," anyone? Yes, those apparently were remnants and ruins of the Brooklyn Bridge jutting out from all that radioactive dirt at the end of Friday's "Battlestar Galactica." The ragtag fleet from the 12 colonies finally makes it to mythical Earth — hand-in-hand with the Cylons, no less — only to find that its civilization (our civilization, it seems) has nuked itself to death.

Game over?

It would have been a fitting, albeit dreary, end to the show, leaving the upcoming movies to mop up the aftermath. (Heaven knows the original series choked miserably once the fleet finally found a present-day Earth.) But we've got 10 more episodes — not coming until early 2009 — and plenty of questions still lingering ...

... like this list of loose ends, from Alan Sepinwall's thoughtful blog:

* The identity of the final Cylon
* The origin and nature of the entire Final Five
* The origin of the rest of the skinjobs
* The fate of the 13th colony, and what role (if any) they played in the destruction of Earth
* The identity of the person/persons/entities that have been orchestrating all this, and what it means that "All of this has happened before and all of it will happen again"
* The opera house vision and the fate of Hera
* What exactly happened to Kara when she went into the maelstrom, and what she's really the harbinger of
* Roslin's health
* The true nature of Head Six, Head Baltar, Head Leoben, and all the other "angels"
* Tigh and Caprica Six's baby
* The whereabouts of Boomer and whether any of the 1, 4, or 5 models are still out there

It's an exciting development, for sure, though I still think Season Four thus far has been overly hasty in, what now is clear, was a breathless sprint to fast-forward the storyline to Earth — the logic of this slapdash "truce" with the Cylons be damned! Here's hoping "Lost" won't be so sloppy as it careens toward its closing date.

For behind-the-scenes tidbits, here's an amusing post about a Hollywood screening of "Revelations" and the campaign to get Emmy voters to take notice of the show before it's too late!

What do you think? And will you survive till ’09?

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I don't think it's OUR Earth but another planet. The few images of the 13th Colony planet didn't have our familiar continents. If BSG is in the past then perhaps the 13th Colony was on Mars, our dead and mysterious neighbor.

Holy Frak!!! the thought of 'crater face' Adama and Roslyn on her deathbed 'doing the horizontal shuffle' makes me cringe. So yet again us loyal fans have been cheated. All the pre program advertising were about revealing the final Cylon - did they?? NO!!!! I'm FRAKKED off. So, Earth's in ruins.... seems George Bush go his way then....... I'd like to see Sam Carter, Jack O'Neill and Tea'lc slip through a Stargate and Zat the Cylons and then take the remaining Capricans back through the Stargate where they'll all live happily ever after.
Frak, Feck, Frell....I love my Brick!!!

In response to Spacernaggot's post about how the colonies originated on Earth...

We live on Earth. The Earth that we live on is the same Earth being discussed on the show. The things we know about Earth hold true to the Earth being discussed on the show...and here is what we know:

Religion on Earth moved from Polytheism to Monotheism. Every major religion on Earth is now monotheistic. References to Hera, Athena, Jupiter, and the zodiac are all in our distant past...and they ain't coming back as a belief system in our space-faring future. So no...Earth was not the original starting point, and did not come before Kobol.

The Nebula that Starbuck jumped from is clearly a temporal anomoly. She was gone for two months..instead of a matter of hours. But Galactica jumped to the Earth in real time...they didn't jump from the anomoly. So they arrived at Earth at a different time.

The Earth that you saw might happen...for instance, it might represent the Earth if the remaining Cylon fleet had gotten there first. There will be information on this dead Earth like Newspapers, chronicaling a cylon arrival...and the crew of Galactica will say "but we got here first?"

They will go back and jump from the Nebula and spend the remaining 10 episodes trying to prevent this dark future from coming to pass.

Also, the final cylon is the Viper...just like Cylon raiders are living beings.

but if I had to make a bet who the final Cylon is... it would be the girl from Razor. They said the fifth cylon wasn't in "the last super"

The two Cylon half bread kids are Adam and Eve.

Kara kills everyone else while warping the children back in time to play out civilization all over again. She'll do this under the gun of the "Bad" Cylon models, this act kills everyone in the fleet (including all the Cylons) but saves humanity in the process by saving the children.

The end...

Only if right?

Was Earth the 1st colony or the 13th? Just a thought...

Will Starbuck's removal from the series for a few eps be explained as another race toying with events? Is that "other" race actually the lost tribe from a scorched Earth?

Were humans created by other life much like we created Cylons? Will the Cylons one day breed their own creation just to go through this whole process again? (thats more of a joke incase you cant tell.)

And even though its obvious Baltar is the last Cylon, they never actually said that did they?

Cant wait to see how it ends. Hope its good.


Now that movies have been approved I'm afraid. I really felt that the third season was stretching and once I heard the fourth was the end I was excited. Finally some answers, but also finally, the writers don't have to really reach for show ideas. It will take the rest of the season to answer our questions. I am hoping in good faith that they will do so and not leave it to some lame end that I have to watch additional movies to make sense of.

The timing is killing this thing too. Early 09? Am I really going to even remember this series for anything more than being the longest drawn out ending of all time. Of course the strike isn't their fault, but this mid-season finale hasn't captured me for 6 months like the excitement of an ending did.

To end on a positive note, I have really enjoyed the acting from all of the cast of this movie. I can't realy pinpoint a weak one, they are very good at portraying this genre.

Frak me, you guys need to grow an imagination and lay off the ambrosia. :)

I predict that the cylons and humans will merge into a new species. The cylons led by the skinjob who is played by Dean Stockwell will rebel against this, be defeated. These hybrid children may have special powers, and help pave the way for better relations between the two groups. This probably will be the case if the Earth is unsuited for long term settlement.

It seems to me that the whole BSG story has been the Sumerian legends of the Anunnaki and Adamu and Eva as told by Zecharia Sitchin...Cylons as birth goddesses... Nibiru will be the starting place of the skin jobs, the hybrids are the remains of the Nefilim infussed with 'humans' cylon technology of yore. And what year does our clan make it to Earth...2012 ofcourse...HAHAHA
every 3600 years it all repeats itself, each time getting more and more mature until 'mankind' achieves pure compassion.

Baltar is obviously the Final cylon, but further still, feel that he is is more than just a skinjob. Possibly the living working replicamade in the image of the creator. The way he talked to the cylon, the hybrid and has managed to survive persistant contact over the seasons with the cylons.

I found it great. Although the quick slap together truce was odd but hey its BSG. I did not think that the ruins we saw at the end of the episode were NYC...I was thinking perhaps Atlantis after the destruction... it would pile on more interest if they somehow weaved the 13th colony into the fabric of old fairy tales and adam and eve... After all Chiefs kid is a boy and Hera is a girl! Either way Im in for the long haul...been a fun ride so far

get a life and just enjoy the show for crying out loud

I am the final Cylon,

Adam's former moustache

I hope BG doesn't go the way of the X files where the suspense was boosted for too long by piling mysteries over mysteries until there was no way to rescue the story. What script could possibly bring the loose ends together? Should we stop here and watch something else while we are ahead?

The final cylon will be Richard Hatch, he was Apollo in the original series , so what better way to turn the series on it,s head.

It wasn't the Brookyln Bridge--it's the Sydney Harbour Bridge. You know, cause there's an opera house in Sydney.

Speculation after speculation. Let's just see how this all plays out. Ron Moore and his staff and cast have provided us with what I will call 'The Greatest Space Opera' ever. And yes, I do mean to say it's better than 'Star Trek' and 'Star Wars'. Star Wars is good, however, it's about as deep as a mud puddle in the desert. Star Trek stopped being genuine after DS9 and couldn't stop quoting Shakespear and Dickens all the time.

So Kara blew up and came back. So Sol is a Cylon. So Tyrell, also a cylon, has a kid. I haven't got a clue what's going to happen next, and I'm good with that.

Logic demands that a culture so immersed in the language and trappings of Earth culture are derived from that culture. For the show to maintain any integrity, the 13th colony could not have gone to Earth, but must have come from Earth, leaving a map of their former home at the Tomb of Athena. It would seem that a migration from Earth to Kobol led to the establishment of the 12 colonies, and that this migration was such that its true nature was hidden, even reversed. Which suggests that the ancestors of the 12 colonies fled Earth and that a new beginning was desired for all of their descendants. That Earth was a wasteland on arrival was expected, and I am glad the writers did not disappoint.

And so there are some fundamental questions I really hope are answered before the end of this series (not to mention a lot of loose ends):

1) Ever since the pilot episode I have wanted to know who engineered the skinjobs (a question I would have expected to have been uppermost in Adama's mind as well). Evolution is not tenable, nor are the toasters adequate to engineer the hybrids or the skinjobs.

2) Who engineered the hybrids?

3) Who and what were/are the Lords of Kobol?

4) Are the humans of BG truly Earth human, or are they themselves the decendents of earlier versions of skinjobs, perhaps created on Earth? And if that is the case, is all that is left of humanity various versions of skinjobs, hybrids and toasters?

5) If all this has happened before, are the writers suggesting the original human inhabitants of Earth created advanced cyborgs that overcame them?

6) Who is the driving force behind all the visions, prophecies and convergence on Earth? And how has this been accomplished? Are the ruins of Earth meant to warn and instruct the latest descendants?

7) And is Baltar nuts, or is Six really in his mind?

8) And just how did the builders of the Eye of Jupiter know the star would go nova at just the right time?

9) And how did Sharon have Boomers memories before Boomer had died and uploaded?

And, and, and....

A prequel series on the exodus from Earth to Kobol would be a natural. And it would seem the sequel will be: where does humanity, or what's left of it, go from here?

After Galactica found the Tomb of Athena, the finding of Earth should have been straightforward, given that the Lagoon nebula was recognizable. Frustratingly, the writers fritted away a season plus two haves before taking us there overnight. But at least there's half a season left to wrap up the series in a quality fashion that most shows never do. I hope another year of waiting will be worth it.

All of it, all the seeming orchestrated events... it was all Col. Mustard, in the library. With a wrench.

I will not lie I feel cheated. It has been done before in "The Matrix revolutions and Planet of the apes, I wish they could have
been a bit more original.


Re: Alicson and Gary O's comments...
The type of "Cylon" that Tyrell and Saul are is *not* the same as the "skin jobs." The Colonials don't know any better when they refer to them as skin jobs, heck, the final five refer to themselves the same way. They don't have the advantage of watching the show as we do :-) The restrictions that we know of that apply to the skin jobs do not, and never did apply to the final five. I don't think time travel is required to make all this work. Just remember, "this has all happened before."

Where can we see "Revelations?" We don't have the SciFi Channel so have been watching online. The BSG website's episodes end with "The Hub," and "Revelations" isn't there! Help!

Funny, but I thought that cylons couldn't reproduce as humans did, unless they mated with a human. However, if Saul and 6 are having a baby together...

Perhaps Saul was substituted for a skin job on New Caprica, and given all of Saul's memories. That would explain how he could fight in the first Cylon war, 30 years earlier. He was human then.

Perhaps Kara's appearance on Earth set off the Nuclear war that destroyed Earth. Kara was gone from the fleet for 2 months. However, I think she appeared on Earth 30 years earlier, which was why she came back with a brand new viper (logical gaps... perhaps)

What about Tyrell's son by Callie? Unless it's not Tyrell's, how is he any different from Hera? Why is Hera so special? She _was_ the only half human-half Cylon, but now there's a boy too. Shouldn't he be just as special?

And unless the Cylons figured out time travel, how could Saul -- a Cylon -- have been active and fighting in the first Cylon war? The first Cylon war should have occurred not too long after Cylons had just figured out autonomy and rebellion -- no skinjobs should have existed then.

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