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Sneak peek at the new '90210'

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"Cooler! Sexier! More provocative!"

Here's a promo video looking at the new "Beverly Hills, 90210" next-gen spin-off, which seems awfully ambitious — trying to cram in every conceivable stock character from "The Breakfast Club" to the original "90210" to "The O.C." There's even a cougar-ish mom promising that the show will show us "not only the world of the teenagers but also the world of the adults." Eeeuw.

Ah, but look at all those sunny smiles and shaky, dynamic, "Real World"-when-it-was-new cinematography. Makes me feel like I need to study for chem lab.

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I'm starting to log all the new show info as it comes out. Thanks for the video :) I miss the old show, I think it would be fun if the old cast were to slowly come into the new cast. If the actors are good, the show should make some success...

I'm honestly disappointed. They really should not have gone near Beverly Hills 90210. It's sick.

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