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Shia Labeouf explains Chicago arrest on Letterman

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So Shia Labeouf shows up last night on Letterman. He's there to, duh, promote "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull," the big bruhaha out next week in which he stars with ye olde Harrison Ford. But nearly the entirety of his visit is a long narrative of what happened to him last November when he was arrested in a Walgreens in the Loop.

Watch the video from YouTube below and enjoy as he simultaneously tells a pretty funny story while showing himself up to be a true ... well, a fellow editor advises me against using this word, a two-syllable moniker that rhymes with whoosh and rag.

Enjoy his punchy inflection of the phrase "pimple cream," which he utters approximately 3,451 times. Enjoy him referring to alcohol as "special magic sauce" (duuuuuude!!!). Enjoy the thought of receiving a scolding phone call from Steven Speilberg. Says Dave: "It sounds as if you were behaving as a dope." Yup.

Shia Labeouf on "Late Night With David Letterman" Monday night.

And now that you've heard the story about the pimple cream, pimple cream, pimple cream — tell us, do you see any pimple cream in this, his booking photo?

Shia LaBeouf.jpg

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awesome... good similar

look this video :
Really captures the spirit - awesome

and :

I love it

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