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Report: 'Idol' most talked-about TV show at work

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"Mornin', boss. Didja see 'Idol' last night...?"

So we're still going to work and yakking about "American Idol" more than any other TV show, according to an annual survey of just such trivial matters.

Not as much as last year, but "Idol" is still the tops — 33 percent of U.S. workers named American Idol as the TV program discussed most often at the workplace, down from 37 percent in 2007, according to the latest Spherion Workplace Snapshot.

"Furthermore, 17 percent discuss the program on company time, a decrease from 21 percent last year and in 2006. Lastly, nine percent engaged in a debate at work over the contestants on American Idol this year, compared to 10 percent in 2007, and three percent in 2006," according to the report.

The survey also finds that many of us think such chit-chat is healthy for the workplace, that dishing on Jason Castro's horrid performance increases camaraderie at the office.

Women are mostly talking about "Idol" and "Dancing With the Stars" at work, while men compare notes on "Idol" and "Lost."

More surprises: "Workers age 65 and older were more likely than any other age group to say they discuss 'American Idol' more than any other show at their workplace, with 42 percent stating so."

Take that, tween demographics!

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