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'Lost': I always feel like somebody's watching me

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So they answered who's in the coffin, but "Lost" has never gotten back to the question that's burning in my overwrought little brain: what the hell's up with the four-toed statue?

Some more thoughts and theories after opening last night's coffin ...

John Locke — the real one, the philosopher — was a staunch advocate of individual rights, a traditional view in his day and one that birthed democracies such as ours. Jeremy Bentham, however — again, the real philosopher — advocated for utilitarianism, an idea that any action is morally good so long as it benefits the most people (the ends justify the means). So as the "Lost" Locke transitions into the Bentham alias, does that foreshadow how his thoughts will guide his action ... and what ever "bad stuff" is about to happen on the island?

I guess the admission ticket to this island, at least for Jack, is a coffin. He arrived with his dead dad in a box — who promptly disappeared, leaving Jack to demolish the coffin in rage — and now he's under orders to go back to the island, this time with Locke in a box. And I assume Locke will also rise from the dead and freak people out as a very calm ghost prone to sudden appearances.

Speaking of: Here's something another eagle-eyed blog commenter saw last night. In the scene when Michael's efforts to keep the bomb's battery frozen literally fizzle out, between the whispers and the appearance of Christian, there's this frame:

Picture 24.jpg

Had that video camera always been in the room? Either way, who set it up, and why are they watching? Is this further evidence of the Panopticon...?

A commenter to Doc Jensen's regular recap at Entertainment Weekly had already copied and reversed the creepy backwards voice on Kate's phone near the end of the episode: "According to a sound file sent to me by reader Russ Boyd, the backward voice on Kate's phone said, 'The island needs you....You have to go back before it's too late.' "

Hey, what about that nearby second island, where Jack, Sawyer and Kate were originally imprisoned by the Others? The folks in the copter last night said they didn't see it. So did the disappearing zap have some kind of blast radius, whisking it away, too? And maybe Faraday's boat full of passengers? Perhaps Jin jumped from the freighter and got zapped away, too?

“We’re not the only ones who left the island.” Remember, the Oceanic woman walked back from the cockpit of the plane to speak with the O6, btu before she got to them she nodded and smiled hello to someone sitting up front, off-camera. Who dat?

And, finally, my favorite comment from another blogger this morning: "Where's Vincent?"

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I don't think that includes Desmond. He wasn't on the Oceanic flight, so i don't think Ben includes him when he says every1 has to return together!

Any possibility that Widmore was the captain of the black rock? He had paintings of old sailing ships all around his house.

To Thomas Conner, and also to Jeffrey, in reference to the "four toed statue"...i have watched again and again and the only thing i think you may be referring to is actually a reflection of the helicopter pilot's hand in the front windshield of the aircraft...his hand is in a fist because it is gripping one of the flight controls of the chopper...

Toward the end of the season 4 finale, as the Oceanic 6 are preparing to board the life raft and head to Membata, Jack tells Desmond "Dont let him find you.." who is the man Jack is talking about? Locke, Ben, Widmore? any ideas??

Apparently Sawyer said something like "I have a daughter in Arizona. Clementine. Find her."

I totally did not see the foot statue! Crap, I gotta watch it again.

Drill press, huh? Did anyone else notice the two or three brief flashes of green, snowy screen with no picture ?

Maybe it was just my TV acting up.

Lets have more that smoke monster !!

I just figured something out... if they ALL have to go back to the island, then that means Desmond has to go back to... which means Penny will be found by Ben?

I read somewhere that the philosopher Jeremy Bentham when he died was put in a glass sealed coffin for viewing purposes (I thought interesting prison concept with others viewing the body, who knows maybe he hadn't died yet but was viewing those that came to see his body?--read more on his panopticon blueprint). Supposedly his head was replaced with a wax model. So maybe John Locke isn't dead after all as someone else theorized. Maybe it was all staged to throw off Ben's archenemy, Charles Widmore, who undoubtedly would want to hunt the new "boss" of the island down. Widmore did want the island and everyone on it torched and destroyed after all. I suspect the coffin deception would have been done without the Oceanic 6's knowledge. More believable reactions from the castaways, and besides John could torture Jack for his not believing him and for pulling the trigger of that loaded gun on him (having brought that up to Jack a number of times).

I believe Jin jumped off the ship in time to be swept up in the time transport. If Daniel didn't find him and rescue him, there were others who were in life jackets and disembarking so he could have made it to one of their dingys.

An evil Sun next season? Certainly she has motivation to "get" Ben for destroying her life with Jin but I kind of suspect that she gets recruited in the next 3 years forward to go after the Widmore group with her as a spy for the Ben group. Sayid is gathering up the survivors to mount the return I think.

Camera or drill press? Hmmm. I could see it being either. A camera set up by the mercenary to document to Widmore that the ship blows; he was hired to do an expensive job and would probably have to provide proof of the outcome for payment. A drill press would not be out of the ordinary on board a vessel that would have to make replacement parts when out at sea (not uncommon as I understand it). I like the camera angle the best however. Widmore would want proof and we can only believe someone has been secretly spying on everyone for quite sometime.

I don't think Charlotte is Ben's childhood friend Annie as someone else suggested elsewhere. Too young looking. But she could be Annie's kid maybe or Penny's sister as someone else theorized. She does have a similar accent. Now if she's going to be Penny's sister then it's likely that Widmore also was on the island when Ben was growing up there. I wonder what Widmore's background is going to be. Suspect that Year 5 will get into this. If Ben and Widmore are around the same age then maybe Widmore took Annie away from Ben. A struggle over a woman. Hmm. Not unfamiliar to Lost since we have Jack/Sawyer/Kate and Widmore has also managed to keep Desmond away from Penny up until now.

I just love how the writers are entwining all the characters together and I find the historical basis for storyline ideas truly fascinating. Excellent research and writing. Who would have thought philosophy outside of college classes could be compelling again!

What purpsoe did the Merc with the deadman switch on his arm wired to explosives on the barge serve?

1) He already knew Ben was heartless after he killed his daughter. did he really think Ben would care about a boatload of strangers blowing up? The merc did not know that Jack and everyone was on the chopper in route to the boat, so there was no leverage there, and he didn't know about Sayid bringing the dingy back, so no leverage there. What punitive action was he after?

2) He said he was going to "torch" the island if he couldn't get Ben. That's after he read the secondary protocol. What did he intend to torch the island with...harsh language?

3) What was the purpose of bringing Michael back to the storyline?
Mr. Friendly pretty much bullied him onto the barge for no reason since the merc blew it all up anyway.

4) They needed a biiger implosion of water to rush into the displacement left by REMOVING AN ENTIRE ISLAND!

I hope Miles is around next season. I love that surly dude.

"Or did Ben just want us to think it was a drill press???"


Right After the island disappears you can see the four toed statue out of the helicopter window!

Check it out

Not a video camera, but a drill press.

Seriously, that's a drill press, who thought it was a video camera? Or did Ben just want us to think it was a drill press???

Video camera?!?! Dude, it's a drill press.

So, this person who figured out what was said to Kate over the telephone, can they figure out what Sawyer whispered to Kate in the helicopter??

"And I assume Locke will also rise from the dead and freak people out as a very calm ghost prone to sudden appearances." it!!!

I went back to Part re-watch..that woman did smile hello to someone behind the cock-pit but way ahead of the O6....and yeah, who dat be?

I hope and prey Vincent moved with the Island.

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