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Kristi likely to win that mirrored-ball trophy

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to richieb945,
yep, I do mean "upset" as in Kristi. And here's why. She is a technically great dancer, and that's key here.. she is a dancer, as well as figure skater. No figure skater, especially at the Olympic level, can do what they do without choreography/dance. They choreograph all their skating routines, and if you pay attention to many of the spins, turns, leaps, backbends that the "Dancing" dancers do in the course of a season, they're exactly what you see in the ice skating competitions.

Kristi is light-years beyond anybody else this season when it comes to executing the dance. I think that gave her an unfair advantage from day one, don't you? The whole point of "Dancing," at least the "Dancing" I watched from season one, was to take celebrities/athletes et al who had two left feet when it came to dancing and turn them into television ballroom champs.

Enough with the folks who have dancing already in their blood (Joey Fatone, Drew Lachey, Mel B, Sabrin Bryan, Mario Lopez) They were all exceptional dancers and deserved the accolades they received, don't get me wrong. I want a season of two-left-footed celebrity oafs who go out there and have a blast and really learn the ropes as the season goes on.

Level the playing field already.

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Wow, a personalized post . . . I'm flattered! :-)

Actually, I agree with everything you say. I only disagree IF you are saying (I can't really tell. For someone for whom words are their life, it was slightly unclear!) that Kristi should NOT win because of her background. I wouldn't penalize her because she came into the competition so far ahead of the pack. I WOULD like to see more even competition in the future however. Oh, and for what it's worth, my wife agrees with you and won't be voting for Kristi.

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