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God loved Jacob: The Orchid station orientation video

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Didn't know this had been out there for so long — it's footage from the orientation video for The Orchid station ... a lot more footage than we and Locke saw last night.

Does this mean ...

... that that's how the island moved, just like a bunny?

There are two subliminal frame that flash in the middle of this film. The first is a nondescript, fuzzy image of a building in the center of a cityscape. The second is text on a red background; it reads: "God loves you as he loved Jacob."

From the looks of the way this was put together, these Dharma hippies were onto something all right, but they didn't really know how to handle it.

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Bring back Claire? Bring her back where? Claire's fine.

Wow, this is awesome! So, if bunny 15 accidentally to this particular moment so that there were two bunnies at the same moment in time.. does this mean that MAYBE all of them could go back in time before all of this happens and begin anew? Would that bring back Claire? mmm...

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