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'Desperate Housewives' to get all 'Lost' on us

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It’s true: ‘‘Desperate Housewives’’ will flash-forward five years.

Marcia Cross, who plays domestic goddess Bree on the ABC comedy-drama, said in a recent phone interview that a flash-forward narrative device will offer viewers a glimpse into the future lives of the Wisteria Lane gang.

Spoiler alert: Read no further if you don’t want to know what happens to some of the central characters.

Cross said her character makes ‘‘a big leap.’’

‘‘She’s gone out into the world and she’s become a bit of a success,’’ the 46-year-old actress said.

When asked if that success has anything to do with the catering business Bree started with her neighbor Katherine (Dana Delany), Cross replied, ‘‘It does have to do with the business. Bree definitely has made a name for herself.’’

And Bree — the embodiment of preppy style — will change her look.

‘‘Let’s put it this way, the (hair) flip has died and I’m so happy about that,’’ Cross said.

She also revealed that Eva Longoria Parker’s character, Gabrielle, ‘‘has had some children.’’

When asked what becomes of the troublesome Kayla (Rachel Fox), who is Tom’s (Doug Savant) daughter, Cross said, ‘‘She hightails it out of town or is hightailed out of town.’’

The season finale of ‘‘Desperate Housewives’’ airs Sunday.


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1 Comment

I don't like the fact that it was flash forwarded. We should get a small glimpse of what is happening next season, next year. Is there a point to why this was done?

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