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'Dancing' has a new leader

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Yep, he went from bottom of the barrel to top of the heap.
Cristian de la Fuente, against all odds due to his injured arm, sat solidly atop the leader board tonight with a combined score (after two "one-armed" dances) of 57 points.

The reigning leader, Kristi Yamaguchi had to settle for second place after hearing judges' remarks that included "I didn't care for [her samba routine]."
Jason Taylor endured a ridiculous spray-on tan session at Edyta's giggling urging. Then he came out and danced in a full suit and tie, and later in buttoned-up shirt. He smartly noted that God already gave him a tan. His dances (and Edyta's ridiculous samba choreography that seems to be more about her than the dance) left the NFL star with 52 points on the night. (His first dance of the night, and Argentine tango,was sensational, by the way). Marissa just danced her heart out as she always does, but you could tell the judges want her to leave. Their praise seems forced, no matter how they couch it. She ended up at the bottom of the heap with only 50 points. And Mario, well, he had a strong showing, ending up with 53 points on the night, amid a tidal wave of tough criticism along the way from Len who just doesn't seem to like the singer's dancing style.

The semi-finals are next week, but the celebs must endure tomorrow night's "100th episode celebration" first, including the ouster of one couple from the competition.
Prediction: Sadly, it will probably be Marissa.

Best quip of the night: "We should have danced with one arm way before this." Cristian, commenting on the score that put him atop the leaderboard.

Samantha Harris Stupid Moment: Telling Christian that he had received his highest scores so far in the competition, and failing to acknowledge that HE WAS IN FIRST PLACE AND HAD BEATEN KRISTI. Math is not Samantha's strong suit.

Note on Kristi's ability to spin: The judges were just wowed by Kristi's ability to do multiple, continuous spins. Whoopdedo! She didn't win an Olympic gold medal by standing still. Enough with praising her spins. She's been doing them since she was a toddler.

Tanning wars: Alas, Edyta's deep spray-on tan has surpassed Karina Smirnoff's. However, Karina is actually wearing less clothing than Edyta on the dance floor.

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