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'Dancing' finals a new experience

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So the finals have come down to a single Cha-Cha danced by all three final couples (60 seconds per couple). I don't think I care for this type of finals routine, as it really means someone who's very weak at cha-cha (Jason) has no time to finesse his routine. Too bad. He's come such a long way this season. I would have liked each couple to have their standard turn on the floor to really see if they've "mastered" ballroom after 12 weeks.

Cristian couldn't decide whether he wanted his arm to be injured or not: Seems he had no problem raising it and swinging it and then returning to his "injured" position where the arm appears immobile. I'm not saying he's not injured, but why the pretense? And Kristi, well, looks like the judges have already made their decision on the night, fawning all over her 60 seconds on the ballroom floor. Yes, she has been the strongest dancer of the season, but I've said it before, celebs should have little or no dance training to compete on this show. Just takes the real fun out of things when you have a polished dancer competing against those who are a lot less graceful.

Score a 26 for Cristian, 24 for Jason, and surprise, a 30 for Kristi.

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Krist running out and giving the kiss got her the win. I hope everyone sees through her and votes for Jason. Jason and Edyta just did the best dance ever -- Welcome to Miami -- tje Judges said it was perfect and they all give them 9's. The Judges are cheating for Kristi just so a woman can finally win. I am not going to continue watching this and I hope everyone else does, too. I know their ratings has to go down. Anyway, I hope that they do. DOWN WITH DANCING WITH THE STARS.

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