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Celebs step up to the challenge of 'Dancing' semi-finals

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The semi-finals tonight were very good, but not great. Very good were Kristi, Jason and Marissa. Very VERY good was Cristian, who with his very injured arm, conjured up one of the most exciting sambas this season. (The samba was THE dance in which he destroyed his left arm, you may recall). Great is the fact that this humdrum season will be over next week.

Tonight's menu of dances, two per couple, were selected out of a hat, literally, with each couple drawing one ballroom and one latin dance.

It's obvious the judges want Marissa to go home Tuesday night, judging by their very lackluster demeanor when revealing their criticisms and scores. I think they didn't believe she'd ever make it this far, and frankly, she's been the biggest sparkle this season. It will be interesting to see what transpires in the elimination round tomorrow night, but if the judges have their way, it will indeed be Marissa leaving the ballroom. Her low scores on the night, for a total of 52 points, may well have cost her a chance at the finals.

Celebrity spotting: Former dancing champ Emmett "Twinkle toes" Smith seated ringside.

Shameless show plug: "The British Bachelor" Matt Branch was also ringside, on the night of his show's finale episode.

Best quip of the night: Tom Bergeron, to the aforementioned bachelor, (after it was leaked on the Internet that he proposes to the girl of his dreams on the finale): "She gets a diamond, you get a greencard." Ouch.

Prediction for Tuesday night: Marissa will be out of there.

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