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Can fans save 'Jericho' — again?

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For whatever it may be worth (which is not much), a die-hard fan of canceled CBS nuclear-war drama "Jericho" has launched a fan campaign to bring the series back from the dead.

"Jericho" was resurrected once by a fan campaign, after CBS axed the show at the end of its first season. Fans organized and sent thousands of pounds of peanuts (based on a line in the finale) to CBS execs, and the network brought back the show for a short, post-strike second season. But ratings made that decision look like, well, nuts, so the second season finale was retooled to be the season finale.

But some fans continue to rally and beg for the show to continue.

Tune into the fan campaign at this fan Web site, but keep your nuts to yourself.

And watch for the second season of "Jericho" on DVD (extras! extras!) on June 17.

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Hi Thomas! Thanks for writing about the effort to bring Jericho back. Count me as another fan. Lets get it back.

jericho is an amazing show and i would do anything to see it back again

There are many more people than "one fan" attempting to bring the series back and indeed many more than "one fan" setting up websites and coordinating efforts.

The one website cited the article has 1,296 forum members (as of 5/10/08). There are many other major forums including those on the CBS site and the Sci-Fi channel site which contain numerous Jericho discussions by thousands of motivated fans.

Also, with the resources and reputation of the Sun-Times behind you, I suggest you contact Jericho's production company (CBS/Paramount)and get some hard facts for a follow up article. Suggested questions include asking how many phone calls, letters, postcards, e-mails, and other items were received in support of the show.

One more of the MANY active Jericho fans checking in. (More than 50 of us in less than 48 hours!!)

Thanks for the article, Thomas.

Yet I am another Fan who has not been counted. Thanks for the article, cant wait for the follow-up article letting the world know the true number of RANGERS and the desire we have for QUALITY TELEVISION.

One more of the MANY active Jericho fans (and family - 5 total) checking in.

Thanks for the article Thomas.

And another Ranger checking in. Just to let you know there are thousands of us working to get Jericho back!!!

Jericho was the best show on network television in decades. Great concept, writers, cast, crew and producer. It was the only reason I watched television for anything other than news and documentaries.

The last several years of mindless 'reality shows' and each season bringing a new and desperate attempt to re-invent them; is pathetic. Yes, they're cheaper for the networks to produce; in fact they're the equivalent of junk food: lots of fat (money for the networks) with little worth for those of the receiving end..... Nia

Another Ranger checking in. That makes...well, more than one. Thanks for the mention of the show and website. Take care.

"A" die hard fan? Where on Earth did you come up with it was a one-fan campaign for the resurrection of Jericho for a Season 3? Mr. Conner, it's great that something provoked you to even write about Jericho (which gets it and millions of fans back in the minds of your readers), but ought to do a better job at checking your facts before writing your articles! Never in any of our campaigns has it been a one-fan's many fans joined together to work as a united group. Nielsen overlooked most of us and our viewership didn't count because there was no Nielsen black box in our home (which is just as bad as casting an electorial ballot only to find it never got counted). So please hear our voices and know this is much stronger than one person idly going off!

Instead of snidely sniping at us, why don't you consider writing on the GOOD we are doing for the troops? Did you know that we are collecting donations at Amazon to send the troops abroad Season Two sets of Jericho? Did you know this was done successfully when the Season One set came out? Do you realize what a comfort, not to mention entertainment, it brings to our brave men and women so far away home? It seems to me, the "real" story cut out the snide remarks and accentuate the positive we are doing as we wait for our show to be brought back anywhere but CBS the Network.

If you'd like, we can "show" you we are a fan base strong in numbers by writing you a letter via US Mail and filling up mail bags for you to go through and read. Maybe that will help in your research for a positive article.

Hey, hey, there are many, many, MANY of us. And there will be many more seasons of jericho to come!

I guess this reporter didn't do much research before he wrote this ill informed article. Not only is the more than just one fan fighting but we have raised 11,180 dollars to get full page ads in Variety and The Hollywood Reporter. Also currently we are trying to raise money for a billboard in L.A. Thanks for the press but please at least do a google search before you report something so inaccurate.

There are many of us die-hard fans and we will continue to fight for this awesome show!!!

Come on people. Jericho had its 2nd chance and now its over. Sending all those peanuts to CBS was novel and interesting the first time around, now its becoming a cliche. The first season 1 was pretty darn good but Season left the rails and became some kind of paranoid rant about big evil companies nuking America - give me a break. I was just another politically correct move from Hollywood - that plot is basically the one of all the anti-war movies these days. For me the show started to go bad once Gerald McRaney was killed off - dumbest move ever - best actor on the show. I watched Season 2 but spent most of my time shaking my head in disbelief at the plot holes and cheap production values and cheesy dialog. I heard they replaced the old writers with new ones - big mistake. No major media is even touching this story. Sure a few people here and there will blog about it, but thats about it.

There are people still trying to bring back Traveler, Journeyman, The 4400, Invasion, Black Donnelly's, and 100 other TV shows. Another bad omen: I saw Jericho on SCI-FI for awhile and they cut it off about 2/3 of the way through Season 1. Season 1 was definitely the bette of the two. If Jericho couldnt survive on SCI-FI with its schedule chock full of cheesy B movies and Stargate reruns, Id say its pretty much DOA.

I, too, wasn't counted in the ratings but then again, I wasn't a Nielsen household. Those households certainly must be watching all the junk on tv because in most cases the good shows get cancelled and mindless reality stuff seems to grow like a plague.

We are many and we shall prevail. Thank you for adding to our press coverage.

Thanks for the Jericho mention, but you should realize there are many fans involved in campaigning for this show. You should try watching it and you might join us in the fight.

Count me in! I've been active in both last year's and this year's campaigns and I'm going to keep on til we get our show back. Jericho is the best show on television!

Thank you for writing about Jericho. I am a huge fan of the show and just wanted to let you know that there are many, many of us who are fighting and campaigning for this wonderful show, not just one, or a few.

Oh no... Jericho has not only a few fans, but milliions! While the majority may be silent, rest assured that the vocal minority is working had to bring back Jericho. Thanks for the mention is your article!

Your article is slightly misinforming the public as to how many Jericho rangers there actually are out there. I am another Jericho fan and as such would like to see my beloved show return to the television. It is like no other program on tv right now! We are fighting to bring it back and will continue to fight until it is back! Thank you for giving us some Jericho love and attention!


Thanks for helping to spread the word. Count me among the six million+ Jericho fans. There are many of us involved in the current campaign to bring Jericho to another network.

There are few excellent shows on TV today, amid a lot of fluff and trash. Jericho, as one of the excellent ones, is worth fighting for!

Gracias por la mención a la campaña de Jnet2, pero son muchos los fans repartidos en todo el mundo que estan colaborando con la campaña de SALVAR A JERICHO pero existen otras iniciativas a demas de las ofrecidas en Jnet2.

Saludos desde España, entre todos podemos conseguirlo. ANIMO.


Thanks for the mention of the campaign Jnet2, but many fans are scattered throughout the world who are collaborating with the campaign to save Jericho but there are other initiatives of those offered in other Jnet2.

Greetings from Spain, we can all achieve. Anim.

To mention that I am fans international (Spain).
I speak in representation of many fans and we will do everything possible together with our partners of USA and the rest of the countries, to obtain a hearth for Jericho.

Desde España Rosma

Wow! Think of what a great story you could write if you took the time to check out what the Jericho Rangers are up to. I think you would be impressed by the campaign we are putting forth to save Jericho. This has not been an easy task, but it goes to show how strongly we feel about Jericho and how determined we are in our mission. Jericho is a show worth fighting for and it seems that we have built up quite an army. We will fight until we can't fight anymore.

Another ranger here. I am one of the fans that are not counted by Nielsen but I will never stop fighting to bring the show back. It is the best show CBS ever took a chance on and Nielsen killed it for us. I think you need to re-think your numbers before putting it in print. There are many rangers working together here but one person is doing the leg work with the papers and the programs were are working on.

I LOVE JERICHO! This is the most inspiring show on tv today and it's the only show with a well thought out script. This show should have been last on the list to be canceled. How can a show like Ugly Betty continue or CSI Miami or CSI NY or the other CSI ENOUGH WITH THE CSI'S already! I can't surf my cable guide anymore without seeing a CSI in a time slot. Every single say I see CSI this CSI that AHHHH I am so sick of that show.

Thanks for the write up. We the fans of Jericho well not dry up and blow away. There are things worth fighting for: Our Country, Our Children and Jericho (The BEST SHOW to hit the airwaves in ages) to name a few. I beleive in Jericho Season 3 and Beyond. I am here to be counted.

Hi Thomas! Thanks for writing about the effort to bring Jericho back, but there are many, many fans fighting for the show - not just one!!

Mr. Conner for one I must let you know that I am a fan of Jericho. I believe I was never counted and watched live. Two even as outdated as the Nielsen rating are and I totally believe that relic should be replaced. They measure during the seven episode run of this very original and intelligent show that 1 night the ratings were as High as 7.4 million viewers and as low as 6.4 so if you want to average it out it is probably around 6.85 million viewers that watched this show live. I think you need to rewrite this article. Get your facts straight. We are going to continue writing to find a new network that will appreciate this show and It's loyal fans. I am in it for the long haul!!!!

Just wanted to chime in as another fan working to Save Jericho! Thanks for the mention, and may Jericho live on!!

First let me say Thank you for writing about Jericho. Now as you can see there is more then "A" die-hard Jericho fan there are millions of die-hard Jericho fans. And we Ranger WILL NOT stop until we have achieved TOTAL victory and found this wonderful show a new home that will KNOW what a great show they have instead of treating it like a red headed step child like CBS did.
Barb, Illinois

Thanks for writing about my favorite show. There are millions of Jericho fans out there. We will never stop fighting for our show. I will follow Jericho wherever it lands-SciFi, Hallmark, or Comcast-just anywhere.

Thanks for the press Thomas. There are many Jericho fans and many Jericho websites.


Count me in too! Another Jericho fan. Thanks for the press! We'll take all the mentions we can get. We'll do whatever it takes, just like before. How does it feel to be a part of history?

Ah, I get it. Nielsen gave you the total number of Jericho Fans trying to get the show back. That would explain why you would think there is only 1.

Alas, there are a lot more of us.

Thanks for writing about Jericho. This show (and its fans) will go down in history as the one that changed how networks count their viewers. Despite low Nielson ratings Jericho has one of the largest and most devoted and intelligent fan bases. How else would the show have been brought back once already? We're smart and organized! And most of us happen to catch our TV online when we have time to watch it, thus it not being counted on Nielson. We hope to change this osrt of misconception of viewer numbers AND save our show!

I think you may have understated as you are about to find out
how many fans JERICHO has.

What am I seeing??? Jericho is by far one of best drama shows of today. I still have all 7 episodes saved on my dvr just waiting for June 17th DVD release. This is a show America needs with all of the junk happening around us. We need to save Jericho

Jericho has some truly dedicated fans, you have to give 'em that. And I don't blame them -- they've got a point. There are a precious few original, quality shows on network TV anymore, so it's a shame when one is cancelled.

Jericho fans at going Nuts on Nielsen this go round!

While you are at it and what to make a Nutty protest of the antiquated Ratings company that is horribly firing American workers and outsourcing to India.

Delivery of Nuts Next week! Stay tuned!

Hello, I am one of the fans of Jericho, there are many many more of us out there, just go to and go to classic tv jericho boards and there we are, there are also many fansites like ours workin very hard at different campaigns toward helping other people as well as getting Jericho back on the air. Thanks for the writeup anyway.

Me too......I'm here. Add me to the count!!!!!!

See, that's the problem..........Nielson didn't count me either and Jericho was cancelled. Great needs to come back for Season 3 !!!

I feel you need to do more research before publishing something like this. I am a fan so add one more. Thanks for the mention thow. It always helps to have free press.

Thank-you for the article. The Jericho family is alive and well...and campaigning for a season 3. We are dedicated to Jericho; its producers, directors, writers, cast and crew. We are passionate and compassionate people. Visit us sometime at JerichoNet2 or any of the other links to other boards at the top of JNET's page. You will see that Jericho is alive and well. Thanks again!

I am a Jericho fan. CBS has nothing else that I would be interested in watching. What ever programming you have to offer on your network is mediocre at best. Jericho was My return to network Programming. That was because It was Smart, Fresh and
original. Imagine that Something original!!!! Until than the last time I watched anything from Network tv was 1992 (CBS was the last of the three I watched that Year). Cable came on at that point and I an many others left.
I feel that one I was not counted by the antiquated system called Nielsen Ratings. I did watch Live and follow the show. Number two CBS gave this show it's worst time slot and in my area did nothing to PROMOTE it's return. This show was treated like a red headed step child. I did what CBS wanted I brought new fans that watched during the summer months(most were families) But because it was at ten during the school week these families were not able to participate when it aired live so they did what most people do was Dvr Jericho and watch it together like a family should. So they were not even counted. This is the 21st century and Technology has kept up with our busy lives the networks have not. This why I feel that viewership is down is because we have been alienated time and time again that adventually they will not return. I can say I feel alienated by the networks.

There are a LOT of Jericho fans, especially for a show that CBS did its best to bury. Watch the show - the first season is on DVD and both seasons are available on and The second is even better than the first! You will become addicted. That is if your mind hasn't been drained by the mindless garbage that passes for entertainment nowdays. A show the whole family can watch too.

I'm another Jericho fan... and just so you know... there are MILLIONS of us, not just one or two! Perhaps you'd like to spend some time on the board to see everything that we are doing to resurrect this outstanding drama series once again. Yes, we do plan to make history AGAIN and get Jericho back on another network. Just keep watching and you'll see how it's done.

I think we have plenty of fans to save this show. To my understanding it is 6.5 million and some. This is truly the best written and casted show ever on TV. Thanks for the article please consider your numbers next time.

Hi Thomas! Thank you for writing about Jericho. There should be a saying by now by all of the press and media - NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE JERICHO RANGERS!! Any network should be so lucky to get loyal and passionate viewers when one out of five viewers is dropping from their networks. Do you read Vaiety Magazine or The Hollywood Reporter Thomas? Because if you did, you would see that the fans have already shelled out $11,000 for ads that were placed into these magazines with a direct link to targeted to networks and the entertainment industry to get in touch with CBS-Paramount (who has rights to the show and knows they can make money off of it). We also sent 600 pounds of nuts in a friendly manner to Varitey Magazine to make a statement that the Neilsen Ratings are outdated and inaccurate which garnered an article on their website. Again please check it out! Again thank you for taking the time to write about Jericho!! Ana in Houston, TX.

I am a Jericho fan, add one more to the count! A fabulous show, well written and acted. Quick, kill it before people realize what good TV is really like, they might want more and that would cost money!

There are many on going campaigns not only to bring Jericho to an appreciative home but it seems that the Moonlight madness is the only thing considered press worthy...Last year Jericho fans rallied immediately to raise over $20,000.00 for the devasted town of Greensburg, Kansas...where was the press for that one? Last year and this year there is a huge campaign to purchase DVDs for the Troops...where is the press on that one?

Jericho fans are not only passionate but are compassionate as well. FYI, we ARE original in our campaigns and not a bunch of NUTS...Nuts is old news, compassion for the show and our troops now that is real news.

Whoever that fan is - I thank you as well as you, Mr. Connor. Yes, there are many, many uncounted fans of Jericho that are campaigning to find Jericho a new home. A letter writing campaign may not be sexy, but our's is certainly passionate!

See what the passion is all about; check out Jericho.

I'm not sure where you got the impression that A fan (as in 1) is trying to get the show back. Even a quick look at the JerichoNet forum that you linked to in your write up shows over 1,400 registered members on that one fan site alone. And a quick Google search will show many more fan sites with many more members. And basing any decision on this messed up television season does not seem very sound. There have been many viewers turned off by the strike that have yet to tune back in.

There are many millions of Jericho Rangers out here, not just in the USA, but around the world. We all want JERICHO to find a new TV home and soon, and we're all doing something to make that happen.
Why? Because JERICHO is a TV show with intelligence, humor, ideas and values, long lacking in traditional TV fare.
Thank you for your mention of the campaign and the information about Jerichonet2, which is just one of a considerable number of web sites devoted to JERICHO and the campaign.

I just want to add that I am also a Jericho Fan. I'm tired of the so - called "reality shows" . How many "bachelors" have gotten married ? Never did watch Big Brother and don't plan on doing so any time soon. I hope the PTB find a new home for Jericho soon...

Another Jericho Fan

Just wanted to let you know, that many of us are still fighting to get the show back somewhere in TV Land

I don't know where you got the idea that a fan is campaigning to Save Jericho but I am sure you will be finding out very soon that there are alot of Jericho fans campaigning to save this awesome show. We Thank you for your mention of our show and our campaign and for the link to Jerichonet2. All who want to join in with the many others from around the world can find out all the information they need from

Rangers never quit we WILL Save our show!!!

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