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American Idol: the death of street cred

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Prepare to sacrifice all artistic integrity and any street cred if you ever go on "American Idol," kids.

Producers had the Davids enter the theater dressed in robes and boxing gloves to the theme from "Rocky."

The camera panned over the crowd. All the top 12 fallen "Idol" contestants from this season appear to be in attendance. Amanda Overmyer looks a bit bored, but claps politely. Overmyer and Danny Noriega were the highlights for me this season.

Paula Abdul appears to have borrowed Mariah's bedazzler and has outfitted her sun dress with sparkling, fake gemstones. Of course, for as much as she is over-paid, the gems could be real.

Is it me or does Simon Cowell's hair look more "Dagwood Bumstead" today?

Both Davids are singing three songs each.

Again with the boxing analogy. HBO boxing analyst Jim Lampley handicapped the "three ring" event. Ugh.

Archuleta won the coin toss last week and opted to go second. Cook is first up.

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I am so disappointed. I just found out Dave Cook won! It came up on my computer - now I don't want to watch. Also - I wish Sharon Osborn would replace Paula. That standing up and dancing, and the way she talks is annoying!!!

I completely agree. I could not understand why they would do the whole boxing thing and put the two Davids in robes etc. Do they really not recognize how tacky it is? It was so embarrassing, humiliating. No wonder teenagers are the popular choice for Idol staff ... maybe they just don't have the experience yet to have a gag reflex to such things. David Cook deserves the title for enduring this and the Ford Matador commercial. ugh.

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