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American Idol: Jason Castro and David Archuleta

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"It's a song by Bob Marley," Jason Castro says with a roll of his eyes. "Go figure."

His version of "I Shot the Sheriff" had a weird beat in my opinion. I can't imagine this is going to go over well with the voters.

"Man, dude. For me, that was a really karaoke Bob Marley," Jackson said. "There was nothing special about it."
"That was utterly atrocious," Cowell said. "What were you thinking."

Archuleta does "Stand By Me." It's his best performance in four weeks. That isn't saying much, though. He riffs a bit too much for me (bonus points for pandering to his audience with the lyric "Beautiful girls: won't you stand by me?"

"I loved it, dude. That was hot," Jackson said.

"Very good choice of song," Cowell said. "In the grand scheme of things, I'm going to call that the best performance so far."

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