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American Idol: Jason Castro and more filler

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Castro does Cohen's "Hallelujah" again. It was probably his best performance of the season. He screwed up the ending, but it's still pretty cool.

Both Davids are presented with Ford SUVs and then we have another group sing. The final six girls sing "She Works Hard For the Money"

Donna Summer sings a a new song and the classics. She's looking a little older. They've lowered the key on "The Last Dance"

Carly Smithson and Michael Johns do Joe Cocker's "The Letter."

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Castro was mesmerizing!!! Love your voice, your style, your everything! Jason I can't wait to buy your CD...please don't take too long!!!

I love Jason's Hallelujah, plus all of the other songs he sang on AI, even 'I Shot The Sheriff.' And I agree that he did not mess up the ending of Hallelujah on the finale. I hope he includes Hallelujah in his first album with all of the verses. Jeff Buckley's version is really good too, but I prefer the wonderful tones of Jason's voice.

Jason was the best part of the show for me.The rest was a snooze fest and bored me to tears.

Cheers to Jason for bouncing back in front of all of America. I agree, for two weeks before he was voted off the judges really kicked him while he was down and he literally did "Hit a Wall". He may not be up to the American Idol standard but he has shown that he is a force to be reckoned with and his future is bright.

i will buy every record that jason castro records. he is MY idol. his voice is pure, genuine & real.. he has a sound that this crazy fast-paced stressed out world needs. i have loved his voice from day one & will never forget his time on idol as i have so many others. his voice takes me back to some real famous folk singers. he is as talented as they were.

Jason Castro was beyond perfect in my eyes and ears last night. That performance came straight from his soul. ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC Mr. Castro!
The "long plaintive note" at the end was just as it should have been.

Jason's awesome. He didn't mess up anything. His performance was emotional and touching.

As it has been said, that is Jeff Buckley's version of "Hallelujah" and Jason sang it perfectly.

What do you mean, "he screwed up the ending"??? Were we listening to the same performance? It was beautiful, emotional and heartfelt. Congratulations to David Cook, but Jason Castro is MY American Idol.

jason did amazing last night he was always my favorite but this time i got chills!!! i suppose its alot easier to sing when you dont have to worry about the judges or if your going to get sent home

I love Jason - He is perfect no matter what song it is. He adds his own cool, mellow & sincere tones to all his preformances.

Dang it, I get so tired of you uninformed idiots!! Have you EVER listened to the Jeff Buckley version of the Song??? He also does that long plaintive note in the end. How did the standards of accurate journalism become so low???

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