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American Idol: Cook dreams big, Cowell thinks otherwise

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Cook picked "Dream Big." It's a smart choice that highlights both his vocal ability and talent that has taken him to the finales.

"You were singing your face off," Jackson said.

"A song in your heart, a guitar in your hand and we millions sit in awe, mesmerized by you," Paula Abdul said.

"Using the boxing analogy, it was a bit of a lightweight, I thought" Cowell said. "Bearing in mind this is supposed to be like a winning song, it didn't feel like a winning moment for me."

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Considering Simon's blistering comments on Cook's performances, doe he have any financial interest in Archuleta?

Once the finalists are chosen the judging should be left to the people. The judges ensured the top two contestants made it to the finals - they clearly have talent - why criticize now. Let the performances speak for themselves. I wanted to enjoy the performances last night and the negative comments took away from the evening.

Simon sandbagged David Cook. Why didn't they just crown David C. tonight.

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