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Alternate endings to the 'Lost' finale

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As revealed this morning on ABC's "Good Morning America," the production of "Lost" filmed three different endings to last night's Season Four finale — as a means of confounding any spoilers and sneak peeks.

Basically, it was the same final scene, but with three different people shown in the coffin ...

There was the real scene, which we saw last night, showing Jeremy Bentham in the coffin to be ... John Locke!

Picture 25.jpg

But they also apparently filmed one shot of the coffin with Sawyer in it, and one shot with Desmond in it.

Silly ruses, sure, but fun to think of the implications of each of those, especially Desmond ...

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Why was the man that visited John Locke when he was a boy upset when Locke chose the knife instead of another object?

Is he looking for an old soul... a previous life of John's?

How did that man show up when he was born? What did he know and who told him about his birth, etc.

you guys are freaking patheric... and i mean all of you.. why can you just wait for the next episode to find out... why try to find out and get so worked up.. just enjoy.. damn you guys are dumb.. lol.. wow.

again.. only one word..... PATHERIC.

I like the 'bad twin' theory. It explains why the 'perpetually young' guy that visited Locke when Locke was a boy was surprised and miffed when Locke chose the knife instead of another object. The guy was expected another choice - from either another side of Locke or a different boy.

lost is a joke the producers are always contradicting themselves and i have been a supportive viewer but now they have lost me its beyond a joke!

The end of this episode is actually present time now, not 'way into the future'. My question is, how do you lug around a dead body to try to get back to the island? :)

I've only missed the first season of Lost, but I'm lost about the name Jeremy Bentham for Locke.

When Ben said you will have to take "him" back to the island (referring to the man in the coffin). He didnt say take "John" back or "Locke" back. I think that man in the coffin is the twin of John Locke. Cause I think there is a connection between the book Sawyer was reading in Season 1 called the "BAD TWIN".
Locke never did get off the island yet.

Who can ever tell?!?! I think the guy in the coffin is Locke, and he was obviously there (here, in the US, that is) to get the Oceanic 6 to go back to the island with him. That's what Jack says in the very beginning of the finale and Kate didn't disagree. And didn't Jack's (and Claire's) dad come back to life on the island? The flash-forwards are from three years in the future. Don't forget that people have been known to come and go from the island as they please, so I think it's too soon to say that Locke moved it again.

Some of these "theories" are pretty weak/boring. None of you are as intelligent as the writers, so give in and be the mute, drooling audience you're supposed to be.

needs new writers next season, maybe, yes fire all the old ones oh for the love of god end this stinky predictable wanker of a so called entertainment oh i record it so i do not see any

needs new writers next season, maybe, yes fire all the old ones oh for the love of god end this stinky predictable wanker of a so called entertainment oh i record it so i do not see any

I think that it is Jacob in the coffin

Yes that is Locke and he is dead. But as you all recall dead people have a tendency to show up again in Lost... even off the island. Remember when Jacks father turned up at the medical office for a moment before the other doc discovered Jack obsessing, and Hurley's continuing saga of dead friends popping around? And I don't think Locke moved the island cause his body has to return as well according to Ben's theory. So if he moved it and can't return, why would he be needed for the Oceanic 6 to get back?

Here's a theory: Locke voluntarily left the island after whatever bad stuff happened went down to go get the Oceanic 6 back. If Ben knows they can only all go back to make things right together, Locke would probably know that as well, so that's why he left the island and approached them all about returning. And remember: the future shots they are showing are quite a ways in the future, so it's completely believable that we just don't know how/when he left yet.

That IS Locke. The scar is clearly visible. The body IS that of a dead man, but no, I do not believe that was the end of Locke.

The theory of Locke not being dead.. I don't know how I feel about that. This is supposedly far in the future. And like Ben said, once you move the Island you can never come back.. maybe Locke has to move it again to keep one step ahead of Charles.

Not very bright,boys. The scar is clearly visible.

He looks much chubbier than Locke, I don't think he'll remain dead anyways

It's definitely John... basically looks like he moves the island as well at some point in future episodes and he gets spit out too, probably to try and get Jack and the rest to return.

well if you can remember the doctor washed up on the shore of the island and then a few days after Keame (or whatever his name is) killed the maybe it is a sign that Locke is close to dying...

If Locke is REALLY dead I will no longer watch LOST.

I think that Locke must have moved the island again like Ben did and was forced to leave and then died maybe?

I think Locke got of the island the same way Ben did.

He probably came the same way Ben did. And death is no big problem for Locke, once they take his body back to the Island, he'll get a lot better ;)

Wait a minute! What about Jacob???

I do think that is Locke - the picture has too much shadow to bring out the scar. That being said, I don't think he's really dead - or to put it another way, I don't think he'll remain dead.

it's been 3 years since he got it...

It's called, funeral home makeup. They cover scars, bullet holes, burns(to bad second degree anyway)

Besides, Lost says it's John Locke.
Who do you think it is?
(If not Locke)

I'm so LOST... I just don't get it, how did Locke get off the island? when? Desmond would make more sense...

Morticians put make-up on bodies, which is why his scar isn't seen.

im guessing that all the scars of the people who got injured on the island have dissappeared- jacks appendix scar disappeared too.

That's not Locke... if so, then where is his scar? the one across his right eye?

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