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Syesha you

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Wow...Syesha Mercado is taking a huge risk by performing "American Idol" winner Fantasia's "I Believe."

It's risky because she will inevitably be compared to Fantasia. I've liked her even in the weeks she was in the bottom. I like her again, which means she's probably a goner.

Jackson compares her. "She has that special connection I didn't find with you. She sang the living daylights out of it."

"This is one of your most shining nights," Abdul says.

"You sang it very well," Cowell said. "What it lacked for me was that big wave of emotion."

Castro is doing a ukulele-version of "Over the Rainbow" made famous on YouTube by the late Israel Kamakawiwo’ole.

You can find the original clip here:

It's quirky even coming from a white guy with floor-length dreads.

"Jason Castro is back in the house. That was blazing, molten hot," Jackson said.

"Third time I've heard this version...fantastic," Cowell said.

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