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Summing up 'Lost' in a single word

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We know we've said it more than a few times. But until this video showed up on YouTube recently, we didn't realize how many times the characters in "Lost" had similarly shown disbelief and bewilderment by the endless plot twists and shocking revelations on their infernal island — by saying, simply, "What?!"

Enjoy this ingenious montage, and feel comforted that Jack, Sawyer and even Ben are just as stunned as you are most of the time...

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This is precisely why I stopped watching "Lost" as soon as the Frat Boys whacked the entire Dharma Initiative plotline with one gas attack.

You know the writers have absolutely no idea how to deal with the Gordian Knot when they simply take a machete and give it a whack.

Or when they yell "TIME TRAVEL!"


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