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Second round part two

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Brooke White pulls it together for "I Am...I Said."

"That is one of the tougher ones to sing," Jackson said. "Nice job."

"I really, really hated the first song. it was like a girls night out at a karaoke bar," Cowell said. "This was the Brooke we like. It was a million times better than the first song."

Archuleta continues to implode with another boring performance, this time "America." I'm longing for the days of Kristy Lee Cook. She would have known how to milk this cheese loaf for all it's worth.

"It was absolutely the right choice. Check. Check. Check," Cowell said.

Syesha Mercardo is last with "Thank the Lord For the Night Time."

There's some pitch problems, but girl looks like she's trying to make the most of what is probably her limited time left on the "Idol" stage.

"You've finally realized who you are," Jackson said.

"First song...that vulnerable side is beautiful. Second song showed a different side," Abdul said.

"This is officially the stra

"What you demonstrated again is you are a very good actress slash singer," Cowell said. "I think you might be in trouble tonight."

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