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Ratings are down; is anyone watching?

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According to E online, ratings for the results show are down three million.

The mundane group song (Mariah Carey's "One Sweet Day" ) certainly isn't going make anyone want to tune in.

Carey is scheduled to perform "Bye Bye" and former contestant Elliott Yamin will also be killing some of the hour. Seriously: why is this still an hour?

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I think ratings are down because 1st, Ryan Seacrest is becoming more annoying than Simon. Also it's not about the most talented up coming artist anymore, it has become more of a populartiy contest. Wednesday's show proved that when Kristy was sent home and not Brooke, who might I add totally butchered Mariah's song. I guess Brooke has a bigger support group of family and friends then Kristy. That sucks because there is no way she could ever sell more records than Kristy, not even with a 100,000 head start!!!

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