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Michelle Obama on 'The Colbert Report'

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Barack Obama declined to appear on Stephen Colbert's news-parody show "The Colbert Report," taping in Philadelphia this week (its first remote outing), but his wife, Michelle Obama, faced Colbert's singular wit last night.

Colbert began the interview by "grilling" her about her "silver spoon" upbringing on Chicago's South Side. He even serenades her at one point. Eventually he asked: "Why would you want to be first lady? You’d never get any sleep because I understand the phone keeps ringing at 3 a.m."

Hillary Clinton is scheduled on the show tomorrow night.

Watch the Michelle Obama appearance here...

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Has Colbert interviewed Vincent Bugliosi on his latest book? I heard nasty stories that Colbert and the Daily Show didn't want to interview him.

Someone should ask Ms Obama about her Princeton University Education, what she learned, how she was treated, adn what she wrote her 4 thesis on.

I continue to be shocked and amazed by the continuous attacks on Barack Obama's patriotism that is based on untruths and continued misinformation being spread. Because his last name happens to be "Obama" does not make him any less of an American than you or I. To continuously say that Barack Obama feels the same as "Reverend" Wright after Obama has stated clearly and distinctly that Reverend Wright does not speak for him, continues to boggles the mind. Or maybe it doesn't. If his lack of experience and former pastor are the only true issues that can be laid at his feet, then we need to look at the real reasons why some Americans are adamantly against him going into the white house. Why are some Americans still saying he's a muslim? Think about this, he can't be a Muslim AND be a Christian who attended Reverend Wright's church at the same time. It's one or the other - so we should deal with the issues, not our continued preconceived notions. It's interesting that others will say that Obama is playing the black card, but I think that can be placed squarely in the hands of the media, H. Clinton's camp, and closed-minded people who can't fathom an African American actually being President of the United States.

Sanitur Clentine dranks two mush wiskey and beers. I seed her on manny tv chaneles getten drunked up.

Obama spells doom for this country. Not only because of his dubious affiliations with mob members like Rezko and criminals like Auchi, but because of his lack of experience and bias education especially his bizarre religious affiliations. He is like silly putty; able to change his ideas for the public as needed so as to achieve his goal as supreme leader.

His intentions are unclear, but his affiliations are clear. Being surrounded with people like the violent Ayers, or the Hiteresque Wright, or his American hating wife Michelle, or his Kenyan half brother Islamic Jihad terrorist Abongo “Roy” Obama, or his Jewish/Israeli hating best friend Rashid Khalidi, or his close advisor Robert Malley who advocates supporting and helping the terrorist group Hamas, or Mr. McPeaks, Obama’s military advisor who open believes American Jews are the "problem." and “Christian Zionists were driving America's policy in Iraq to benefit Israel,” or Obama’s super delegate and major long term supporter Senator Meeks who openly hates and distrust all whites and gays or Obama’s most dangerous affiliation to Mr. Auchi who was Saddam Hussein right hand man and made billions in Iraq and has been a important supporter and behind the scene man throughout Obama’s rise to power.

And besides all this questionable laundry in Obama’s life, another serious question is why is Obama protected and promoted by the media? Is this also being directed from behind the scenes? The American public has been fooled before and I guess those in power know we can be fooled again. (Kennedy’s assassination, Martin Luther King’s assassination, the invasion of Iraq…).

The fact that Obama has made it this far demonstrates the collective lack of discriminative intelligence and education of this country. And nothing demonstrates this better than how well Obama plays his black card; which plays on our fear of being labeled a racist.

"Me" - are you kidding me? It's a fake news show. Colbert can do whatever he wants, he is an entertainer. You, on the other hand, are not at all entertaining nor would I like to entertain you by responding to your failed logic and unfailing jingoism.

What is it about her that makes her so unlikeable?

Stephen Cobert

Silliness reigns with Colbert
Ironic humor
Dispel any reasonable point
We can’t get enough of this joint
Propped up by the irreverent right
Why have an opinion when sarcasm suffices
Watch when I say four
If you can find some vices
It’s half a skit
Quickness of answer and no expression
Suffice for lack of wit

A song by Bob Marley - "War".
Listen to it ....

Colbert obviously could have humiliated her as he does with everyone else on his show. I think he will also be easy on Hillary when she goes on tonight. Unlike SNL, Colbert respects the votes of the people and isn't going to do something that will gain a lot of attention and maybe change the course of the election. SNL unabashedly supports Clinton and framed the media bias in her favor right before Ohio, Texas. Hey Tina, Amy, did you watch the ABC debate last night, satisfied?

Michelle will be a great First Lady!

I saw Colbert being sarcastic and pathetic on Larry King yet he was a weak little man to this annoying fool, Michelle Obama who tells decent Americans they are not going to get big opporunities. Colbert should have shown what he is really made of and question this woman on why she feels priveleged to be the first lady such as what her contributions are to America and why her patriotism happens only once in her lifetime for a country that she should be the proudest to be in all the time. Why her church does not seem to represent the true patriotic ideology of the founders of America.That the white house is made for leaders whose blood is for America and what's with the bombastic look on her face when she was questioned about her husband's words about people in small towns. You,Colbert are pathetic. Use your wit when it is really needed. These jokes,The Obamas have to be stood up to and truly questioned about what are they thinking wanting to be in the white house where America should be led by those who belong to the founded genderation and not a community that's got a long way to go in correcting their mistakes.

Really love her, she's a doll, still voting for John McCain but I really liked Ms. Obama.


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