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Lifetime goes for broke, brings in Trump

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Lifetime is reaching for its funny side with several new comedies, at the same time enlisting mogul and ‘‘Apprentice’’ star Donald Trump to executive produce and narrate a scripted series that’s in development.

The women’s network already has acquired hits such as ‘‘Will & Grace’’ and ‘‘Reba,’’ but it’s much better known for its original dramas like ‘‘Army Wives’’ and, of course, its scripted movies. But with an announcement Monday afternoon at Lifetime’s annual press presentation, entertainment president Susanne Daniels said that it was hoping to broaden its comedic appeal.

Three new comedy pilots are in development, including ‘‘Libertyville,’’ starring Christine Ebersole as a divorced 40-something on the dating scene again, and ‘‘Rita Rocks,’’ starring Nicole Sullivan managing marriage, motherhood and a newly formed garage band. The ‘‘Libertyville’’ and ‘‘Rita Rocks’’ pilots would be tested next week, with Daniels saying that one of the pair could move forward soon. A third, ‘‘Burnt Toast,’’ is an adaptation of ‘‘Desperate Housewives’’ actress Teri Hatcher’s book; Hatcher is one of the executive producers.

Trump will be the executive producer of ‘‘Trump Tower,’’ a nighttime soap opera set at fictional swanky apartments at the very real Trump Towers in midtown Manhattan that is in development at Lifetime.

‘‘Think ’Desperate Housewives’ in Trump Tower with The Donald narrating, and you get the idea of what we’re after,’’ Daniels said.

Already picked up to pilot are ‘‘Mistresses,’’ a Fox 21 production based on the BBC drama and ‘‘Drop Dead Diva,’’ a supernatural-themed drama. Also in development are ‘‘Chambermaid,’’ based on a novel by Saira Rao about a law clerk; ‘‘The Amazing Mrs. Pritchard,’’ based on a British miniseries about a woman who accidentally becomes governor of her state; and ‘‘The Skin I’m In,’’ about a Harvard medical school student.

On the original TV movie side, Lifetime plans ‘‘Trading Up,’’ based on the novel by ‘‘Sex and the City’’ author Candace Bushnell, as well as ‘‘America,’’ a story of a runaway helped by a doctor that will star and be executive produced by Rosie O’Donnell; ‘‘Terrorist,’’ based on the John Updike novel; and ‘‘Maneater,’’ Gigi-Levangie Grazer’s book about a gold digger. Also in development are two true-life movies: ‘‘Amish Grace’’ about the families who lost daughters in the schoolhouse shooting and how they forgave as well as ‘‘Julie Roberts Story’’ about the sad personal life of a country music star.

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That was NOT the real Editor Jax. That comment was posted with a stolen username, and the person doing it needs to knock that off immediately.

they've really are desperate aren't they, they got a couple media whores

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