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Good-bye, Goot!

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"The Goot" is gone. Yes, Steve "this is the greatest moment of my life" Guttenberg turned in his dance shoes tonight on "Daning With the Stars," just as predicted by yours truly. Can this season be saved?

I pose the question because in all the seasons of "DWTS," none has been so unexciting as this go-around, forcing me to (gulp) look forward to Adam Carolla's next turn on the dance floor.

The results show, which should be a 30-minute affair, droned on for well over an hour with few bright spots in between. Highlights included a performance by "America's Cultural Ambassadors to the World" the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre, in a glorious dance number that couldn't help but life spirits. If you ever have the chance to catch a live performance of the troupe, do so!

Equally fun was the peek into what the stars to do relax or on their days off from rehearsing and performing. We learned:
Kristi Yamaguchi eats hot dogs competitively. She's made it through the regionals and the sectionals and is training for the nationals. That's some way cool "dancing diet," Kristi.
Jason Taylor builds tiny, tiny ships, paints them and puts them in bottles, something he's done since childhood.
Marlee Matlin is a volunteer officer at her local police department in the narcotics unit, where, as she revealed through her interpreter, her deafness makes her eyesight that much keener, and her ability to read lips invaluable.
Shannon Elizabeth is the president of the "MacGiver" fan club. Yes, it's true. She opens all the mail, answers letters and if she had her choice, she'd love to dance the Viennese waltz with Richard Dean Anderson. Who knew?
Priscilla Presley, says that (for the thousandth time) she's a very private person ... but loves to run her own psychic hotline via her cell phone. Says she's always had a psychic gift. So what exactly is your private cell phone number, Cilla?
Cristian de la Fuente has a pet sea otter, and one day hopes to open an otter sanctuary in his native Chile.
Steve Guttenberg loves to freestyle rap in what appeared to be his basement studio. Let's give it up for MC Goot.
Marissa Jaret Winokur loves to surf. Every Sunday morning. You go girl.

Time waster segment: A professional matchmaker named, I'm not making this up, Dr. Pepper, summed up this season's pairings thusly: Marlee is an extrovert. Priscilla is an introvert. Adam is an extrovert. Boggles the mind, doesn't it? She did say that Kristi and partner Mark Ballas are the perfect match and should win. I said that weeks ago. Guess I'm a pepper, too.

Guest singing star Kylie Minogue looked absolutely fantastic (costumes and wigs as fabulous as ever) and sounded just as amazing. Hope all her health problems are behind her for good. (Loved her on the "Doctor Who" Christmas episode last year.)

And the night ended without a single Samantha Harris stupid moment.

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Okay, so my attempt at trying to be humorous didn't translate too well. But the items I mentioned (what stars do in their "down time") were part of an April Fool's Day joke courtesy of "Dancing with the Stars." I figured that since my posting was April 1, it was funnier not to mention the obvious. So there is no Priscilla Presley psychic hotline. No otter sanctuary, no hot dog eating marathon.

What is Pricilla Presley's psychic name or where do I find it?
I am a great fan of hers

OK, I'm hoping that you aren't all THAT gullible, but you DID realize that all the "hobbies" were an April Fool-themed time waster, right? They were quite funny too, IMHO.

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