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David Archuleta and Brooke White close us out

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Archuleta stealthily picks another song that few Americans have heard of (Robbie Williams' "Angels). His tone is a bit too nasally and he tacks on the usual vocal runs at the end (nothing complicates and ruins a simple melody than a vocal run in my book).

"When you did the refrain and stopped and did those runs, that was your hottest moment of the season

"The best song choice of the night so far," Cowell said. "Why this song has never been a hit here still amazes me."

Brooke White sang "You Got a Friend" and she better be praying that she has a few million of her own. She's going to need friends to vote and keep her out of the bottom three after her breathy, lackluster performance.

"For me, I don't think it was your best performance," Jackson said.

"This was like a pleasant walk in the park," Cowell said. "Was it original? No. Was it pleasant? Yes. Thank you."

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Look people. Music is about note to note. The flow. I am not in the study of music. I am into the flow of notes, how smooth it sounds. If it makes sense. This is simple. Stop being so critical.

Its about time Brooke gets the boot. She's been riding for the past few weeks on one good performance. Her "aw shucks" I'm just a sweet old time Carly Simon rip off is getting OLD!!! I WOULD NOT pay to see her perform. Archuleta, maybe, D. Cook, probably and definitely KL Cook if she hits it big in Country. So long Brooke..we knew you too well!!

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