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'Cilla almost hits the road

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"Dancing With the Stars" has reinstated its practice of letting viewers know just who's in the "bottom two" each week. This time out, it was Priscilla Presley and Adam Carolla left standing in the red light while the scary exit music plays.

In the end, it was Carolla who bowed out gracefully when he was told he was voted off the show.

"I lost 20 pounds of fat but gained 100 pounds of angel," he said of his pro partner Julianne Hough.

'Nuff said for this week.

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The three guys eliminated so far were easily the worst (along with Monica Seles) dancers on the show, BUT they also had more personality between them than the rest of the ensemble combined. Marlee shows some of the same spark that Adam brought to the table (along with a whole lot more dancing ability), but the rest are pretty predictable. Also, now that Priscilla has apparently been pegged (by the home viewers, at least) as being somewhat lacking on the dance floor, my newest "What are they looking at" dancer is Jason Taylor. Not at all a bad dancer, but did he REALLY rate a 29 for his latest effort? I don't see it.

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