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Brooke White takes on Carey's anthem "Hero"

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Carey thought White was "genuine." White performed piano and seemed to speed through the slow ballad. It's typical of what you would hear in a piano bar.

"I was digging it until the bridge," Jackson said.

Abdul called her out for speeding through it. Wow.

"I don't think you had much choice other than to do what you did," Cowell said. "It was like ordering the hamburger and only getting the bun. Your voice wasn't strong enough to carry that song."

Kristy Lee Cook tempts fate with "Forever"
"I got goose bumps when you sang this," Carey said. "I like your version better than mine."

Cook is cooking for another week. She's finally seems to have hit her stride.

"You sefinitely started stepping up toward the end," Jackson said.

"I'm blown away," Abdul said. "You could have a hit with this."

"You didn't give me chills," Cowell said. "You managed with what you could."

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