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A model ending for "Make Me a Supermodel"

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As plots go, Thursday night's finale of "Make Me a Supermodel" wrapped things up nicely. At the end, the bromance between Ronnie and Ben was dead and two people were left standing:


Find out who was crowned after the bump


Congratulations to the winner, Holly Kiser. Kiser was only up for elimination once during the run of the show and was far more consistent than Chicago's own Ronnie Kroell. Kroell came in second and "Supermodel" judge Cory Bautista says Ronnie's got a bright future ahead of him even without the win.

Of course, Ronnie has a second reason to be jealous of Holly. She's got a smoking hot boyfriend, too.


The night before the winner was announced, the four remaining contestants got a visit from a loved one. Holly's fiance showed up and charmed everyone.

Perry made up with his girlfriend (who may or may not have had an affair while he was on the show):


Me thinks Perry could do better. Their reunion, while difficult to watch, wasn't the most awkward of the night.

That would have had to have been when Ronnie finally met his competition, eh, I mean, his best friend's wife.


Least you think the small town girl might think twice before joining her man in NYC as he embarks on a (hopefully) prosperous modeling career, April told Ben she was ready to tackle the Big Apple.

As for Ronnie's date for the night?


His mom, Charlene Sonenberg of Morton Grove. I interviewed Charlene last week and the mother-son bond they share is very real. Though her son may have come in second place, I suspect we'll be seeing more of him very soon.

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wats the real thing between ronie and true that ronnie is gay?

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