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Will they or won't they talk about the scantly-clad 800 pound gorilla in the room?

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"Idol" has been pretty good at defusing any scandals the minute they pop up. They had Carley Smithson talk about her previous record deal. David Archuleta mentioned his "Star Search" title and previously performing in front of first season "Idol" contestants including Kelly Clarkson.

Think they'll be talking about David Hernandez's previous gig as a stripper allegedly not afraid of going "the full Monty"?

Luke Menard's falsetto actually sounded pretty good on the Wham!" hit Waking Me Up and Go-Go."
Randy Jackson thought it was a little bit corny. Paula Abdul was surprised about the song choice. Simon Cowell thought it was weak and a bit girlie. "You're not going to make it into the final 12," Cowell predicted

David Archuleta plays piano and reimagines "Another Day in Paradise." Much like "Imagine" las week, the original song is virtually unrecognizable.

Jackson didn't think it showed off all his vocal prowlness. "I loved there were a couple of notes off, because it proves you aren't a make believe person who never does any wrong," Abdul says. Cowell told the 17 year-old to lighten up.

Danny Noriega kept it in the family with a performance of Soft Cell's "Tainted Love." It's a bit too low for him, but we agreed with Jackson that the arrangement was cool.

Jackson loved the arrangement, but felt Noriega was too shy (vocally, anyway). "Spicy and sensative," Abdul said. "I thought it was useless," Cowell said.

Most embarassing moment for Hernandez doesn't involve a g-string bikini, but rather a photo shoot and a buger.

"It's All Coming Back to Me Now," by Meat Loaf. Jackson liked the sound choice. Paula thinks he's finding his niche. Cowell

Michael Johns tackles Simple Minds' "Don't You Forget About Me." Jackson thought the song was by INXS.

David Cook emo-take on Lionel Richie's "Hello." It's the most unique performance of the night. "David, that was a brilliant thing to do and I loved it," Cowell said.

Jason Castro showed his sensitive side with Leonard Cohen "Hallelujah." It was just ok.

Last up was Chikezie Eze repeats with his audition song ("All the Woman I Need"). Jackson liked it. "I thought it was much more cabaret than last week," Cowell said.

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